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Monday, July 06, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend

A couple weeks ago Aspen was able to attend a birthday party up north. She had a great time with all the kids, and I sent her off with this festive star hair that didn't quite last the night. I never in my wildest dreams would have believed my daughter would attend parties for the daughter of my old college roommate and old high school friend. It's awesome.

For the fourth I tried to get some pictures of the kids in their coordinating outfits (I was so psyched I found all these items in their closets and didn't have to buy anything). While I didn't get a single photo of their smiling faces, I really love the ones I did get. They're hilarious. I need to sit down and order prints of some of the amazing pictures I've captured of these two kids over the last year.

At least in this one they're almost smiling...

In the evening on the fourth, we drove up to South Ogden and had dinner with Brad and Kimberly, who are old friends of Kev's. Well, actually, the couple is old friends of his from college, but I've been working with the wife for over a year. She's a contributor for 'Or so she says...' and it wasn't until Kev was in the hospital that she realized I'm married to that Kevin. She emailed me to say she couldn't believe we've been corresponding all this time, and she didn't recognize it sooner.

So it's been nice spending time with a couple we both get along with well. They have young kids as too, so hopefully we can be diligent with our get-togethers so they can grow together. I just love how small the world really is. The reconnection with Brad and Kimberly is just one of many reasons I'm so happy to be working for OSSS!

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