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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 13

Linky Lou-

You're cruising all along the furniture these days, and even pushing dining room chairs around the house so you can walk behind them. You're a very mobile and fast little guy, and I'm constantly retrieving you from places you need not be.

About two weeks shy of 13 months, you really committed to standing on your own. You took a few unassisted steps between me and your Dada, but for the most part you were just letting momentum propel you. It's been exciting to watch you cruise around with more confidence and balance. At work you like to push a kiddie chair around, and at home you often use the hippo Mandi gave to your sister when she was about your age.

Although you have a few teeth (8?) you are still quite partial to pureed baby foods. You will eat real food, but I don't know if you're just too lazy to eat it often or what. Frozen blueberries are one of your most-favorite foods right now, and you freak out whenever you see Aspen putting chocolate chips in her yogurt. One evening I sat you on the counter and you got your hand in the chocolate chips container faster than I could stop you. You shoved a huge handful into your face and squealed because you were so proud of yourself and so happy. You still nurse up to FIVE TIMES in a 24-hour period. I think I'm going to be that uncomfortable woman who's nursing a toddler. I dunno... I just have such a weird relationship with breastfeeding. I do it, but don't necessarily love the heck out of it. You sure do, though.

I don't know what magic spell was cast on you, but you have been sleeping so much better in the last month or so. Many nights I put you to sleep between 7-8, and you don't need anyone until 6-7 the next morning. Lately you've been going to bed and then routinely waking at 11ish, but I've been sleeping through it. Dada has been going into your room, though, and he's been able to put you back to sleep without picking you up. IT'S A MIRACLE. Somehow he just treats you like a normal baby and has you lie down with your blankie. He pats your head or back of I don't even know and magically gets you back to sleep in 20 minutes or something. It's sorcery. However, I think it's safe to say you're sleeping through the night, with the occasional, normal little hiccup (illness, teething, overheated in our furnace of a house). I never thought this day would come, when I could stay up until 10pm without feeling like I've been awake for weeks. You're doing great, so pleasepleaseplease keep it up. It's good for you!

You're doing some signing, although many of them are kind of unique interpretations on your part. For bird, you get so close to doing the sign, just not near your lips like it should be. Birds are your favorite, by the way. Also, we're having a little teeny tiny trouble with the name "Daddy." When asked where Daddy is, you usually point to the dog. Now, I don't think you think she's your Dad, but I do think you can't yet tell the difference between the name "Daddy" and the name "Maddie." It's okay. We seem to be making progress referring to him as "Dada".

In the last month you were able to go swimming a few times, and you hated the pool. I gather the chill was not to your liking, because you adore taking baths. So you and I usually sit at the water's edge and watch Aspen float in her life jacket until someone else offers to hold you. We have a baby floaty thing, and I'm very surprised it even floats with you in it, because you're 24 pounds!! You are such a squishy, tall, giant little baby.

I hope you and Aspen will continue to be best buds; she is playing the role of big sister with ease, and I'm always grateful. She may be a pill to her mama, but she's always sharing with you and loving on you and doing things for you. She never, ever hesitates to share treats with you and that's a big deal because chocolate is her love language. Aspen will always have your back, Linc, and I hope you'll always appreciate that. She is fiercely loyal to you and insists we keep you.

As you approached 13 months, you started making animal sounds. One morning during your bath, you picked up the elephant and made the motorboat sound. Later that day while looking at a book, you made a quacking sound when you saw the picture of a duck. I always laugh when you try to mimic a goat, though, because it sounds like a goat who's been hit by a bus. I wonder how on earth you come to the conclusion that's what it sounds like when I say "baaaa baaaa." You say "go" now and can clap your hands and point to a nose when asked. You say "tickle" and touch your toes, too. It's really cute.

You're still obsessed with balls. When we go to Target, you reach for the big, red, cement balls on the sidewalk outside the front doors. When we were at the Dollar Tree, I parked you in the cart and turned for a moment to look at something with Aspen. You fussed endlessly and when I finally turned back to you, I saw I had positioned you facing a huge display of balls and you were reaching for all of them. At the library, you tried to fetch an apple from the bottom of someone else's stroller because BALL.

It's been so refreshing to sleep more, and to be able to take you and Aspen on adventures together. I hope we can keep up the good rest and that I'll have the energy to do more fun stuff with you two. It's so rewarding to see both of you learning and playing and exploring together.

Love you, Linc.

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