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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Future mechanical engineer

One night before dinner, Aspen disappeared into her room to create stuff. She came to the table with her notebook and was talking a mile-a-minute about her invention. Somehow, she'd cooked up an elaborate plan for playing with a sandbag.

Yup. A sandbag.

She explained it all to Kev while I was dealing with dinner and Linc and he wolfed down his food afterward so he could go outside and help Aspen execute this plan. It was complete with drawings of the ladder Kev would need to secure a rope to a tree, and pictures of all of us cheering when the sandbag dropped.

For some reason, she wanted to be able to hoist a sandbag off the ground, looped over a tree branch. She wanted to be able to let the sandbag drop so we could all watch and be really excited... ?!? I don't really know why, but I do know Kev thought this was awesome and he couldn't wait to do it.

As he set everything up, Aspen said to Kev, "If it doesn't follow my schedule, I'm going to go ballistic!" He laughed so hard when he told me about it.

He rigged up a pulley and rope and tied a knot so when the rope was pulled, the bag was released. Aspen was too scared to do it, so Kev did it for her. The bag slammed into the ground and broke and Aspen commenced cheering.

I don't know how she cooked this up, but it's awesome to see how her brain is constantly working. This girl isn't just thinking about ponies!

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  1. Awesome! Go Aspen and so fun Kevin could help her execute her "schedule" so she could see it in action.


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