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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lincoln launches to the landing

One of Lincoln's favorite things to do is throw balls. Or kick balls. Or hold a ball. He's always moving one or three around the house.

Shortly after I put this gate up (months ago) Linc discovered he can throw things through the bars, or over it completely. It's one of his regular past-times.

I don't mind except when he throws something huge and/or loud down the stairs. Like wooden toys. Or shoes. Or cell phones.

He loves to watch as the items accumulate, and he loves to watch me go down the stairs and retrieve everything a few times every day. The worst is when he finds one last ball while I'm down there, and he pelts me in the head.

It's so fun to watch him enjoy something so simple. It reminds me of when Aspen was younger, and we would spend ages tossing a big bouncy ball up and down the stairs to each other. She usually sat at the top while I stood at the bottom. It's a game we started in the WJ rental, and continued briefly here in the new house.

He's definitely enjoying all the additional fun activities we've been doing with my parents in town! It must be strange that with them here he isn't just spending his day throwing a ball around. I thought his mind was going to explode at the aquarium.

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