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Friday, September 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 15

Hey bud! Another month, and another update.

It's hard to keep track of all you're learning and doing these days. You've just taken off and are blossoming so quickly.

For example, you really love waving hello and goodbye to people. When you recently threw your friend's toy at him during church and made him scream bloody murder, you happily waved goodbye as his poor mother carried him out of the room. So nice!

You also say the word "GO!" all the time. You run very deliberately and tell yourself, "GO!" beforehand and it's really freakin adorable. You've also picked up "ready, set, GO!" from Aspen and you squeak out a couple of sounds before yelling "GO!" When we're playing outside, you love to get on Aspen's scooter and vrrbbrrrmm while standing there. I suppose some day I'll show you how it moves, but for now I like not having a heart attack. It's bad enough you already get on her trike and try to scoot around. I don't know if I can keep you alive if you learn how to mobilize on more equipment already. You've finally gotten used to the bike trailer and have had a few rides without screaming now. It's great! When I peek over my shoulder at you after we drop Aspen at school, you're usually throwing a ball against the mesh cover, playing catch with yourself.

Dada regularly takes you outside in the evenings after work so you two can stand on the deck and watch for birds in the backyard. When you see an airplane, you wave and it's so cute. SO CUTE. Now that you have little birds in your room, you like to pet them before I put you to sleep for naps and bedtime. It's possible you think they're real. It's definitely time to take you to the Tracy Aviary! I keep mentioning it to Kev, and one of my friends even asked if I've taken you yet! It's so fun that you love something so much.

You're really into mimicking right now, and you love to do things by yourself like brush your teeth. You also like to try dressing yourself, and putting shoes and socks on other people. You've always loved "brushing" Aspen's hair for her, too. She doesn't love it so much.

Two bottom molars starting popping up a week or so ago, and they really messed with you. You weren't napping well and most days I only got one nap out of you, sometimes only 40 minutes long. But you slept pretty well most nights, and that's what really matters to keep me sane. You now have 12 little teeth!

You just had a little tummy trouble and for about a week wouldn't eat much. But you're finally feeling better (and so is everyone else in the family who caught the virus from you) and it's such a relief! You love corn on the cob, mozzarella cheese, chocolate milk, OJ, yogurt, cereal, most fruits and veggies, and you're starting to eat some breads now, too. We picked a couple of tiny peaches (they fit in your little hands) off a tree on our walk once and you loved eating those all by yourself. It's fun to watch you explore new flavors and textures (and like them!).

At this point, I usually only get one nap a day out of you, and while that's exhausting, I guess it's not much more exhausting than all the time I spent trying to get you to take two naps each day. It's only really a terrible transition when your first nap is 45 minutes to an hour long and then you won't take another. Or when your only nap happens too late and we have to take your sister to school so I have to wake you. I wish you'd nap in the afternoons while she's gone, but that seems a little too much to hope for right now. As long as I get a shower, I'll try not to complain too much.

So... that's a summary of what you're up to these days, Linc. Aspen keeps dreaming of you turning three, so keep working on that. She'd like to stay five until then, so figure out how to make that work, will ya?

Love you, MotherBoy.


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