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Monday, October 26, 2015

Trunk or Treat

Our ward hosted a Trunk or Treat and I was so excited because it's the first year we've had one since we lived in Ogden. I was a little nervous about taking the kids by myself because Linc is just all over the place and he can be so hard to contain. I knew I wouldn't be able to give Aspen all the attention she might want when it came to doing games or collecting candy and all that.

Thankfully, my sister came up for the afternoon and babysat the kids for a couple of hours. She stayed while I got them both ready for the night and I ended up surviving the party by myself. Aspen was so precious that she even left without a fight when I told her we just couldn't wait in the balloon animal line any longer (I'd probably already spent 15 minutes waiting for her after she spent 10 in line herself). She was such an angel the whole night, helping me with Linc and being willing to attend the activities herself while I kept an eye on him.

I'm so grateful she's such a sweet girl, even if she is more spunky than I know what to do about. She had a lot of fun and was so proud of the Super Hero Rock Star costume she created. I always let her do whatever she wants for Halloween, and this is what she came up with... it's all random stuff she had in the closet and dress up bin. She gave me permission to do what I wanted with her hair and make up and I think she loved it.

Linc hated getting changed into pirate-like clothes, and he hated having pictures taken but OH WELL. He learned how to trick-or-treat and that made it all worth it. He initially just held a piece of candy in each hand and then let people put new pieces into the little bag I carried for him. Eventually he put candies in the bag himself and was like WEEEEEEE!!! It was fun to watch him figure out what was happening.

I assume Aspen enjoyed getting treats... but she sped off and went at her own pace while Linc and I lagged behind. I'm so relieved she went off with some friends and that other parents commented to me that they'd seen her running around so I knew she was doing alright.

The whole night made me excited for Halloween, and I'm really glad Kev won't be working swing shift that night! There's no way I'd take the kids through the neighborhood by myself as it gets dark. Linc's too wild for that!

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