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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 17


In the last month your vocabulary has expanded to include a lot more animal sounds. You're working on "moo," "oink," and also saying the word horsey! Yay! No more confusing all horses with birds! You also say Dada on repeat and I love seeing how your relationship with your dad is developing. He's now one of your favorite people, and I don't think I'll ever stop feeling relieved that you're not 100% mom-only any more. When he comes home from work (or whenever you hear the front door open) you start screaming "DADA!DADA!DADA!" and you toddle over to the stairs to say hi. It's so awesome. I'm sure it makes him feel like a million bucks.

Much like Aspen at this age, your imagination and ability to play has grown. When it's time for naps and bedtime, you often resist putting down the ball(s) you're currently obsessed with. To get you to transition to sleep-mode, we've taught you to put your toy to bed. So you grab a couple of burp cloths and tuck your ball(s) into a little wadded up bed and then you can focus on going to sleep yourself. It's really cute. You also point out any and all babies you see, and you like to spend time looking through family photos and pointing at Dada, Aspen and "doggie."

You and Aspen both love throwing things down the stairs, and taking apart the couch to jump. I love seeing you two play together so much. At bedtime, when I ask if you'd like to say goodnight to your sister, you pucker your lips and run to find her. She squeezes your face in a big hug and you guys give a little smooch to each other. I DIE. It is so darling I feel like I might explode. When we were shopping one day while Aspen was at school, I asked if you'd like to go pick up your sister when we finished checking out. You screamed SO LOUD your word for yes (which sounds like "d'yeah!") and people turned to look at us. The cashier asked if you and your sister are best friends, and I can't deny that you guys are thick as thieves these days.

Right now you're still consistently taking a 1.5-2 hour nap in the mornings. It really is so strange to me that you survive the day without an afternoon snooze, but it works for us so I'm not going to mess with it. At night you're almost always sleeping from 7-8pm until 6-7am. If you do wake at night or too early in the morning, Dada creeps into your room, helps you lay down in your crib and then he sits in your room until he's sure you're asleep again. I love that he doesn't have to bounce you for ages anymore in the middle of the night. I'm also a little jealous that you don't need him to pick you up in order to fall asleep, because if I go in there and don't pick you up you seem inclined to stab me. So that's why I don't go in your room anymore if Dada's home :).

Surprisingly, you're a very picky eater. I often try to give Aspen her plate first, and then show you that yours is the same. Sometimes we have success getting you to eat when you're sitting in a regular chair, instead of on your booster at the table. Sometimes we have success if you're playing with something (usually Aspen's princess computer) and you don't actually realize I'm feeding you. It's all a game, though, and I can never get the same results at every meal regardless of my approach. It's frustrating because with you being so active all. the. time. I feel panicked about making sure you have enough calories to fuel you and keep the HANGRY FEELINGS at bay. Hopefully your palate will mature sooner rather than later.

Another shocker is that you've only just started saying "Mama" and meaning me. When you were first exploring sounds with your mouth, I know you muttered mamamamama on occasion. But it was never as my name. Now, though, you actually say it in reference to me. It's exciting! I mean, you obviously are still MotherBoy, and I know I'm still your favorite, but it was killing me that you wouldn't say my name! Next you need to figure out what you're going to call Aspen because she's anxious for you to address her, too. Uncle Seth's been trying to brainwash you into loving him the most, so he's usually referred to as Uncle Cookie. He's wearing you down with sweets!

Your personality is just through the roof. You smirk at us all the time, you tease and you've unfortunately learned the word "mine." Aspen taught it to you and it's awful. You don't like to share. At all. Ever. Aspen certainly didn't teach you that. I've watched her feed M&Ms to you from her Halloween stash without a second thought, and that girl loves her some candy so... maybe you could learn a little bit about sharing, mmmk?

You've been attending Nursery at church the last couple of weeks with me in tow and it's been going really well. I've warned the leaders to allow you constant contact with a ball or else you'll drive them crazy with your non-stop refrain of "BALLBALLBALLBALLBALL." I left you in there by yourself this week and they said you did fine, so welcome to two hours free from Lincoln on Sunday. Hallelujah!! It's so exciting.

We're all enjoying getting to know you, Linc. Thanks for learning how to sleep and becoming such a pleasant little guy.


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