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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Still going

When I first starting drafting a book I was like weeeeeeeeeeeeee write every week! Which, admittedly, wasn't ideal but it was at least something.

I've stalled out lately since I'm waiting on some outside sources to supplement my own information. And I used that as an excuse to completely step away from writing for a while. However, I  decided to dive right back in last week and bombarded my oldest friend, Ashley, with drafts and have asked her to edit and give input.

While this is still somewhat of a passive development for me (I just dump the pages on her and gleefully step away), it feels good to have some momentum again. I know I've copied and pasted things so much in some of the drafts that I had to just send them away from me for someone else to finally look at. I wasn't making much progress muddling them up more on my own.

I feel a tiny bit badly that Ashley has to sift through the first attempts at writing this book... but like I said, she's my oldest friend and has been through a lot worse with me. And it's nice to have someone who's comfortable being blunt with me and not worried about hurting my feelings. I don't think Kev would be, either, but I think I'd take it personally if he critiqued what I wrote.

It still feels like I won't finish this for years and years and years, but hey, at least I started.

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