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Friday, December 11, 2015

Letters to Lincoln, month 18

Little Linc-

You're so lucky to have your sister. Even though you often fight dirty (leaving bite marks on her arms) she still shares her candy with you and her toys and wants to play with you. I don't doubt you've completely won her over with your dimple and hugs.

Speaking of hugs- one day when roaming the halls at church, we saw Aspen get out of her class. The two of you ran toward each other and embraced in a big hug before she continued on to the Primary room. It was so cute I almost forgave you for refusing to go to Nursery. Another day, when we met Aspen at school for pickup, you wanted to be put down so you could hug her when she came over to us. I die!!

You're not always so sweet, though. You're in a biting/hitting/throwing things stage and it's awful. One of your favorite things to throw is food for the dog. As soon as you get something to eat, you get down from your chair (you mostly refuse the booster seat) and call out "DOGGGGIIIIIEEEEE!" She then follows you around the house while you gleefully throw food for her. It's pretty terrible. I find crackers and smears of food all over the place. But if I try to enforce feeding you at the table, you just say "Done!" and get down and refuse to eat. And then you're hangry.

Lately you're obsessed with reading. You say "book" as well as sign it and bring books to me all the time. We probably spend at least one hour every day reading. Well, sometimes it's more like me holding you in my lap while you very aggressively turn the pages of every book you can get your hands on. But other times I'm actually able to read the words. When you sit and pretend-read to yourself, it's usually with great anticipation that there will be a ball or a bird on the next page. When you happily stumble across one or the other, you offer up your fat-belly-cackle and yell.

Your vocabulary has really expanded in the last month. You've started referring to yourself as "me" and you started saying "hippo," "apple" and "more" (you've always had a unique sign for more, but now you actually say it). You're working on saying "Aspen," and "Uncle," but they both sound a lot like your word for "apple." It's still very exciting, though. When you want a drink, you make a sound like you've just had one, and you're refreshed. Y'know? Like, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" after a sip of a cold bev. You also say "WEEEEEEEEEE" whenever you see a slide. Your words for "truck" and "look" sound exactly the same, but that's probably because when you see a truck you're kind of yelling "LOOOOOK!" so that I'll see it, too. You love buses and have learned many actions for "The Wheels on the Bus" from Nursery (where you no longer let me leave you). And you're amazing at saying "SHHH!" You also love a train song they sing in Nursery and you do the actions with a huge smile on your face. Aspen loves being able to sing songs with you now! Some of the other new words that I can remember you saying are "cup," "spoon," "car," "star," "koala," "up," "down," and "ow." And you're all over the animal sounds, too.

You still love eating yogurt and fruit purees (I love those pouches, man), as well as beans, corn, bananas and apples. Getting you to eat every meal is ridiculously hard and I try to limit snacks throughout the day so you'll be forced to give in at meal times. It doesn't always work. I know for some weird reason your Uncle Seth had a lot of success feeding you cool-whipped-covered-pie at Thanksgiving, but I don't know what that's about.

Sleep has been so much better at night, although I did recently make the mistake of going into your room around midnight after you'd already woken up once and put yourself back to sleep. I thought I could be as magical as your Dada and just encourage you to lay down and let me sit in your room with you until you were asleep again. AN HOUR LATER I finally gave up on that pipe dream and woke up your Dada and made him deal with you. So, that's why I don't go into your room anymore you little squirt. But I suppose that by spending the first year of your life nursing and holding you every time you slept, I've met my quota and it's someone else's turn now. BOO YAH.

You're a funny little dude, Linc, and we do get a kick out of you when you're not an emotional basket case. Dada and I have actually considered that you're louder than your sister, which is saying a lot. However, her volume is just a matter of her voice always being set as loud as it can go; yours is more like screaming a lot about everything. Like if I try to go to the bathroom without bringing you with me. Or if I don't let you push the button to open the garage door before I put you in the car. Or if you're not the one to give Maddie her treat when she goes into her bed before we leave the house. Or, y'know, if I hold your sister on my lap instead of you. Someone has obviously learned the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

But we love you and we're so glad you've come. I am so excited to see you and Aspen enjoy Christmas this year, and all the wonderful magic the season has in store.


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