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Monday, December 07, 2015

Memory Lane

I was talking with Seth last night, and he brought up how skinny Lincoln has become in the last six months or so since he started walking. It breaks my heart that Linc is no longer the fatty-fat-fat he used to be!

But then Seth said something so very profound and I immediately felt my heart turn into a hard lump of coal: "Fat Lincoln didn't sleep." I'll take skinny, sleeps-11-hours-each-night Lincoln over fat, sleeps-only-two-hours-at-a-time-until-12-months-old Lincoln.

However, I will resort to looking through baby pictures of Linc so I can smile at his fat rolls. I mean, COME ON. Do you see how many creases are on those arms?! And his cheeks are practically touching his chest! I MADE THAT.

I have dozens of photos of Linc's chubby legs, and for good reason; he had like, three knee folds. I think that's a record.

You're welcome.

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