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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter this year was a hit with both kids, except for the fact Aspen had to wait until Sunday afternoon to have an egg hunt... But with Kev working on Saturday I didn't even think about planning ahead to attend a local hunt. And I didn't want him to miss out by doing it at home without him.

I did cave and actually purchase Aspen a dress this year, but Linc is set with hand-me-downs until he's five so he got whatever looked springy in his closet. Not complaining!

After Linc's nap I was able to coerce the kids outside for some photos. And while I was reallllly hoping to get a repeat of last year's epic photo, I at least came close. Above you can see Aspen's 2016 Easter smile, and below is Easter 2015. It's too bad Linc doesn't hate grass like he did last year.

They're a couple of cuties! I'm glad Linc could stop looking at birds and airplanes long enough to almost look at me for a photo.

When Sophia, Jose and Seth arrived we had a fantastic dinner: Berry crisp spiral ham (minus the jalapenos), prosciutto-wrapped asparagus baked in crescent rolls (my take on THIS recipe), scored baked potatoes and Trader Joe's legendary frozen corn that tastes like fresh off the cob. Then it was FINALLY time for the egg hunt in the backyard. I'd taken advantage of Sophia and Jose being a distraction to hide the eggs while the kids played inside. It was a big deal to Aspen this year and I'm blaming school for filling her head with all sorts of nonsense about a bunny named Sunny who's as fast as the wind. Listen, kid, mom does all the holiday magic around here and someday you'll just have to accept that! She was devastated that after leaving a detailed map of hiding places for the bunny, he never wrote back, and he didn't use all her suggestions.

But for now we'll let her come up with crazy ideas about the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. She enjoys the mystery and magic of it all, even if it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Next year if we do an at-home egg hunt, I think I'll do it Saturday, even if we have to wait until Kev gets home from work. I'm finding that making Aspen wait on the day of an event is just too much for her. She tries so hard to be patient but after hearing from all her school and/or church friends about the things they've already done that she has yet to do, she tends to get wound up and bummed out. And that's no fun for anyway. Live and learn, I suppose!

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