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Monday, March 21, 2016

Silver Lake in Spring

Kevin wanted to go to Silver Lake on his day off, so after Linc's nap we drove to the mountain top.

Guess what! Silver Lake is closed to foot traffic right now. I didn't realize they reserve it for (paid) snowshoers/skiers until mid-April. But instead of getting back in the car and turning around, we let the kids play in the snow and mud for a while.

I think they probably enjoyed that more than they would have enjoyed a walk around the lake, anyway. They loved throwing rocks and snowballs into mud puddles, and it was such a warm, sunny day who could complain about being outside?!

Thankfully we were planning to have dinner at Seth's, so we still had more fun to look forward to after our failed visit to the lake. And no one complained one bit about our detour, so I'm calling this family outing a win! I do look forward to going back up later this spring so the kids can enjoy all the chipmunks and I can enjoy all the blossoms on the trees.

I just love all this warm weather we've been having, and it's so nice to get the kids outside to play. I even got a sunburn from visiting the park yesterday. It's awesome having more play dates with friends again, but I guess it's already time to pull out the sunscreen. Woo!

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  1. I think we went up in April of last year, we couldn't walk very far because of all of the snow, but we did watch some ducks play in an unfrozen part of the lake. May or June might be a better time to visit.

    1. I think last year we went in June and it was absolutely perfect!


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