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Friday, April 15, 2016

Country Crock from Influenster

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

Am I the only person in the universe who didn't realize before now that Country Crock is actually diary-free?! I had no idea! I've been buying a more expensive butter substitute that I do like, but not many other people in my family do. I think I'll make a lot of dinner guests happy when they have something a little more like butter to spread on their bread.

With my Country Crock sample, I decided to make a new banana bread recipe. It helped that I had two super-ripe (i.e. DISGUSTING) bananas on my counter at the time. I usually don't make this bread with a butter substitute, and instead use applesauce and honey as bonding ingredients/sweeteners.

However, I'm actually not a fan of using the honey/applesauce and sometimes end up using vegetable oil. I don't love the consistency, though, so I'm really glad the Country Crock changed the outcome of my bread for the better.

I used THIS recipe and everyone gobbled it up for dinner last night after running errands. I added a handful of dairy-free chocolate chips and it was so good. I personally don't think banana bread is worth making without the chocolate, amiright?

So if you're lactose-intolerant like me and are looking for a good butter substitute, definitely try Country Crock! I also used it to grease my bread dish because I ran out of cooking spray days ago and forgot to buy more in the two trips I've made to the store since (hashtag winning at life). Thankfully it made it easy to cut and remove big fat slices of banana bread after it had cooled. Because there's nothing worse than a perfect-looking loaf of bread that gets ripped to shreds when attempts are made to extract it.

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