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Monday, April 11, 2016

It is your birthday.

Yesterday was National Sibling Day, and while I'm not usually aware of those types of days, I paid attention to it this weekend.

My birthday was Saturday, and it was the best one I've had in a loooong time. I wasn't pregnant, sleep-deprived, sick, or depressed! That's winning!

The day before, Sophia picked up Aspen from school and took her home for an Auntie sleepover. Both girls were really excited and Sophia even had plans to take Aspen to a kids' Zumba class at her local rec center. It was great to watch the videos Sophia took of Aspen doing some of the moves and having a good time.

With Aspen gone, that meant it was just me and Linc on Saturday while Kev worked. Since he had total control over the TV, he actually sat and watched a show all the way through (usually he'll only do about 10 minutes) and I deep-cleaned the kitchen and dining room. When I told Aspen that's what I did on my birthday, she said that's okay because on my birthday I get to do whatever I want. I laughed so hard.

Linc and I were able to take Maddie on a neighborhood walk before he napped so I could do my Yoga. I've been doing it six days a week for the last two weeks and it's amazing. Having just swept and mopped the dining room, I rolled my mat onto the tile and was able to enjoy doing Yoga while looking out the sliding glass doors to my backyard. It was a gorgeous day with a breeze and it was the perfect setting for my practice.

Sophia and Jose brought Aspen back in the afternoon and they brought cake. I'd forgotten to make any treats for my birthday so it was nice someone else did it for me. And when Seth arrived my siblings presented me with the most thoughtful birthday gift (that they'd cooked up with input from Kev). All of them (Jeshua and Julia included) had pooled together enough money for me to take the 200 hr RYT training at my local community college. I was stunned. I thought perhaps it would just be a contribution toward the total I needed to have for the course, but it's the entire tuition amount. Plus my parents sent money for me to attend Yoga classes at my rec center (which I can actually do for free) and pay for the kids to be in the daycare.

Original graphic by me.

I'm so thrilled that my siblings came together and did this for me. I'm blown away. I am so grateful we have each other, and not just because they gave me a huge wad of cash this weekend. I have so much support and love from my siblings, and my kids benefit from it too.

On Saturday night Seth babysat the kids so Kev and I could have our first date in almost a year. Since Linc now goes to sleep by himself in his crib, I didn't even feel guilty about asking Seth to watch the kids during bedtime. I know Linc loves Seth and feels comfortable with him, and I also knew Aspen would be a big help in singing songs and reading books with Linc before going to sleep. They made a great team and had Linc asleep with no trouble. I do feel badly that Linc biffed it on the sidewalk right after we left and he split his lip and Seth had to deal with the mess... but Linc is none the worse for wear.

Without my siblings, I wouldn't be planning to start my RYT training this fall. I wouldn't have babysitters who I know not only put up with my crazy kids, but who fiercely love them. It is such a blessing to have them in my life.

I'm so excited to go back to school for Yoga training and to avoid feeling like it's a financial strain on me and Kev. And hopefully the certification will lead to more opportunities within the Yoga community here in SLC.

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  1. Yay! What amazing siblings to give you something you have wanted so badly! I am excited for you mama.


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