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Monday, April 11, 2016

Letters to Lincoln, month 22

Linky Lou-

At your well-visit last month, the doctor was incredibly impressed that you're already speaking in full sentences. I'm not surprised since your sister and your mother are both extremely chatty people, with whom you spend your days. But it's nice to hear someone else weigh in on what Dada and I think are some pretty amazing aspects of your development.

In addition to talking non-stop, you count a little bit, too. Mostly when Aspen prompts you, but also when I'm doing Pilates. You'll lie down next to me on the floor and count my reps with me, all the while swinging your legs around in a freakin' cute imitation of what I'm doing. I guess you can be my little Pilates Buddy, too!

Reading back over your sister's interests at this age, I'm remembering how she could sit and watch a show without interruption; you, however, can only stomach a few minutes of TV at a time before you either ask for a different show (you like Thomas the Train and DinoTrux when you're on your own, but will watch anything Penny's watching, too), or give up on TV altogether for something else. It's totally fine that you're not addicted like your sister, but sometimes I wish I could use TV as a distraction so I can go to the bathroom without you having a hysterical fit when I shut the door. We have finally graduated to you staying calm if I happen to take a shower when you're awake, though! That's a huge improvement over me having to wait until your nap to shower.

You're growing four new teeth right now (that I can see) so it's been a rough month for you. Your appetite has waned and you've been grumpy and sad and whiny. It's been tough, but eventually we'll get through all those baby teeth. Right now you love to eat fruit/veggie pouches, animal crackers, cinnamon and sugar toast, yogurt, raisins, corn and granola bars. You also love pears and I think you have a slight chocolate addiction. Which works for me because sometimes I tell you if you take a nap there will be a little piece of chocolate in it for you. I'm not above bribery in matters of naps.

I think there's a loop in your brain of the names of family members, and sometimes you get stuck on it. You'll just start naming my siblings and the dogs and it's really cute. Peppered in there you'll say "hmmm," and "ummm," as you go through the list. One day while I was putting clothes away in Penny's room, you sat on her bed and looked at her class picture. You called all the boys either Seth or Jose and I laughed so hard because you were calling all the darker-skinned boys Jose.

You still love trucks and playing ball and doing everything by "self." You're usually happy to attend Nursery in church and you love all the kids at work. Now whenever I say it's time to leave, you start yelling, "I'M LATE! I'M LATE!" because it's what I say every morning when I strap you and your sister into the car. You often cry when we drop Aspen at school because you want to stay and play basketball with the big kids. You'll often ask, "Linky go school too, okaayyyy?" or "Linky go dance class too, okaayyy?" and I hate having to tell you not yet. But soon! Probably sooner than we'd like, MotherBoy.

Uncle Seth babysat you and your sister for the first time at BEDTIME and he had you asleep before 8pm, which is miraculous considering from whence we came. Linc, I'm so happy you've learned to fall asleep by yourself and you're content in your crib now. It's amazing that you can lay in bed with the door open and not freak out about me leaving the room. THANK YOU BABY.

Right now you're in a big hitting and biting stage and we're working to stop that. You also pull chunks out of your sister's hair and throw epic tantrums. It's tough being (almost) two!! I'm sorry. But you'll grow out of it ;). To balance some of that out, you ask in the cutest possible way, "Mama, what you doooooin?!"

Linc, we love you. We really, really do.


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