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Friday, May 06, 2016

A Random Catch-up

Quite some time ago, Kev hung the rolling shade that I bought (three years ago) for the kitchen. It's so nice not having the blinding sun in my face every morning when I'm doing breakfast for the kids. Also, my plant situation is getting a little out of control. I wish every windowsill was up high enough (away from Lincoln) to fill with plants.

When I took that photo, I was thrilled to see Linc and Kev wearing coordinating orange/brown plaid shirts. 

 No big deal, but Aspen made a ninja mask one day and wore it all over the place. Just the usual.

My heart BURSTS when I find these two sitting together on the couch. Whether they're having screen time, reading books or coloring, they can often be found here. I LOVE IT. It helps me forget about all the times they hit each other in the face, and deliberately steal each other's things to induce crying.

Lately I've really felt back in my groove. There are days we go to work in the morning, run an errand immediately following, get Aspen to school, Linc takes a nap, and then we spend a few hours running errands/visiting the library/playing at the park until dinner. And then there's time spent outside watching Kev fly his drone, digging in dirt, or actually using the playhouse we got from Maren once upon a time. I sometimes even walk Aspen home from school, make food from scratch, and stay current with laundry. WUT.

I'm working more than before and really enjoying doing sponsored posts for 'Or so she says...'. It's fun to think of a way to talk about a product or service, and to tweak my photography and learn PhotoShop for enhancing the impact an image can have. Although I'll happily take any free lessons anyone has for PS right now because sometimes I just don't get it.

Kev just started a new job, although with the same company. He's working on a smaller crew in a different building, and he's excited about the challenge. He'll be revamping rooms under new management and while he did take a pay cut, he's just back to where he was before a recent raise at his old job.

Our flower gardens are slowly growing bigger and more diverse, and it's been so much fun (and work) getting them to a point where I don't hate them. I still find myself wishing I could dig up everything and rearrange but that's just my OCD talking.

I accidentally bought a zillion ranunculus bulbs from Zulily, and it's been a challenge to find places for them in the yard. I suppose if some of them never flower I can just keep planting more until they take. But seriously, Imma have ranunculus coming out my ears soon and I'm SO EXCITED. The kids also helped me plant peas, zucchini and carrots, and I bought a tomato plant this year. We're working on the back patch of dirt in the yard and trying to up its viability so I can have a real garden by next spring, but for now everything's in containers. Aspen has enjoyed watching things sprouts, and she talks constantly about eating the carrots she's planted. I really hope she does, because I can't remember the last time she ate a real vegetable.

Aspen finishes kindergarten this month and I can hardly believe it. Didn't she just start a few weeks ago? She's already complaining about how awful summer will be and I'm positively DREADING it myself. We don't have AC so our house is usually 90 degrees and unbearable. But Linc is still taking naps so we have to be home at least for that... I'm hopeful we can spend the rest of our time in air-conditioned buildings or at the pool (since I get in free for working at the Rec center!). That being said, hit me up for play-dates, people.

Aspen's dance recital is coming up and we're psyched my parents will be in town for it. This is Aspen's last year with Miss Elizabeth and while I'm a little sad, we're both looking forward to trying out ballet through another local studio hosted in someone's home. Aspen has changed so much and become so much more aware of herself and while we've had some really rough weeks lately with dance, I think she really is committed to another year. I know that Linc currently looks forward to the day he's old enough to go to dance class just like his sister.

So there we are... a quick summary of some of the things we've been up to. I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks and all the adventures we have in store.

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