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Monday, May 23, 2016

Aspen's third dance recital

Aspen finished her third and final year at The Dancing Room. She had her recital on Saturday, and was spoiled by a visit from her grandparents, as well as her uncles and auntie. My parents flew across the stinkin country just to watch a few minutes of a dance recital for a five-year-old. Now that's love.

Something I've loved about about this studio is that the teacher also does their portraits at the end of the year. She does a great job, and only charges a teeny tiny fee for the CD and use of all the images (which is optional). It's so nice to have these natural, beautiful photos of Aspen and her class.

Grandpa Marc and Aspen
The weather was awful when we arrived, so I didn't think to take more photos of everyone outside after the recital. I'm disappointed because it's always so hard to get nice shots in the theater.

Aspen and her teacher, Miss Elizabeth
Aspen had a really hard time near the end of the year, possibly feeling the stress of the upcoming recital, or dealing with the flip-flopping weather, or basically just being a drama queen like her mom... there were a number of classes from which she'd emerge inconsolable. It was usually resulting from something in class not going the way she'd anticipated, and she couldn't resolve the issue. It was hard because she'd insist on continuing with dance, and that she did like it, but she seemed miserable. Her teacher and I talked about it, and we hoped it would pass.

Aspen and Uncle Seth

Thankfully things seemed to turn around for her, and she understood that if she couldn't enjoy dance, she didn't have to do it anymore. We could take a break and find something else she liked. It was a relief when she started coming out of class happy, announcing that she didn't have any tantrums.

Auntie Fifi and Uncle Jose
In a way, I'm really relieved danced is coming to a close for summer break; I am pretty worn out from chauffeuring little people around, especially screaming little people who complain I never let them do anything fun. There were many times Linc was beside himself because I had the audacity to stuff him in his car seat, drive him and Aspen to dance, and then refuse to let him out of the car (we don't stay during her class). I won't miss that.

Aspen and the best brother ever
I'm glad we have a similarly priced studio to attend this fall, focusing on Jazz and Ballet. We'll see how Aspen likes the more structured dance (rather than the movement expressions she's been doing). Some other girls in our neighborhood have been attending the new studio and they've really liked it. I'm hopeful it'll be a smooth transition!

Aspen's first recital HERE. Aspen's second recital HERE.

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