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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Letters to Lincoln, month 23

Linky Lou-

You're having  good month, little man. You haven't cracked anything open or bloodied up your face this month! Winning!

You've started saying you're going to get bigger so you can go to school with Penny. You love to watch her run from the car, through the school gate and onto the playground. We have to stay until we can no longer see her. You're probably going to be thrilled when she's home all day, every day all summer. With that being said, I think I'm going to get a regular babysitter for the two of you so I can have a couple of hours to myself one day a week to recover. And when we pick her up after school, you love getting two lollipops from one of the bus drivers. You immediately crack yours open, but then you wait patiently at the school door, clutching Aspen's pop while you watch for her. When she emerges, you rush to her and thrust her pop in her face and give her a huge hug. It's so sweet, I love it so much.

One day the lollipop bus (driven by Tim) was late and you counted off the busses that were lined up and ran to the spot Tim's supposed to park. You kind of talked to the other driver (Lorin) and told him the lollipop bus was gone. Lorin got such a kick out of it that he radioed Tim and told him to hurry up so you wouldn't be disappointed. It's a fun little ritual and I'm thankful for school staff who actually like what they do.

Being outside is still pretty much your favorite, and since we recently moved our slide/playhouse to the apple tree (instead of under the pines) you and your sister use it more. I love being able to watch the two of you play together. You also love kicking any ball you currently have around the yard, and it's thrilling that you'll amuse yourself with that while I mow the lawn or weed or just sit in the shade and watch the two of you kids outside.

Sleeping is going really well for you at night, and Dada has taken over the responsibility of putting you to bed. Some mornings you're still snoozing at 8 or 830 and it's MIRACULOUS HOLY CANOLE! I never dreamed we'd get to this point, and honestly thought I'd still be holding you while you slept at this point. When I put you to bed it's actually a long, drawn-out process that makes me miserable. You get so mad now when I have to put you down and give your sister some bedtime attention. It tempts me to move the two of you into the same room to avoid the jealousy at night. So when Dad's home to put you to bed, we're all happier. I hear you guys may or may not watch YouTube videos together sometimes instead of reading books.

You love to feed Maddie (her real food, not just whatever you're eating) and you basically hate eating meals. I kind of gave up and instead just let you graze throughout the day. Sometimes I know that if you sat and ate more food at mealtimes like me and Aspen, you'd be less miserable, but I can't force food down your throat. Hopefully you grow out of this because trying to feed kids who don't want to eat is really annoying. And hangry kids are annoying, too.

Speaking of annoying, you're still in a tantrum phase and it's a little exhausting! Lately you've taken to removing your own soiled diaper and throwing it at me in anger. So that's gross. I'm sorry life is so hard when you're little and that you thought I was trying to change you out of the shirt you'd been wearing for three straight days.

You say some really cute things, though, to help make up for all the tantrums. If I ask if you'd like to do something, you say, "Oh! I forgot!" and then we do the activity. You also say, "SHOW YOU SOMFING MOM!" which you've undoubtedly picked up from Aspen, along with "WATCH ME MOM!" Basically, you repeat everything your sister and I say and it's fun.

We all really love you, Linky. We're excited for your birthday next month!


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