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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Aspen's Kindergarten Graduation

Aspen graduated from Kindergarten earlier this week (and then had two more days of school... whaaaa?) and I made it to the ceremony with Linc at the last possible second. I posted on Instagram that I dragged poor little Linc there in his PJs, with no shoes and socks, and the cookie (that I used to bribe him to get. in. the. car.) smeared all over his face, hands and arms. While the kids filed into the gym and onto the stage, I wiped Linc off and managed to get appropriate footwear on. I tell ya, I'm SO GLAD I will no longer have to juggle Linc's afternoon nap with Aspen's afternoon preschool. It has been insanity.

Side note: Aspen wore the same dress to her Kindergarten graduation that she wore to her Preschool graduation. DYING.

Aspen earned one of two academic achievement awards and I'm so happy for her. She also received a gift card to Barnes & Noble, which was serendipitous because I was planning to take her there after the ceremony anyway.

They sang so many cute songs about going into first grade, and Aspen totally nailed her shared recitation with a classmate.

Afterward, we made a pit stop in her classroom for a few photos so she'll always remember the time she spent there. It's crazy at the school now, unfortunately, so we didn't get to memorialize it in all its true glory.

I'm psyching myself up for summer break, and for getting the kids to do more than just fight, watch TV and ask me for snacks 13 hours a day, 7 days a week.

L: first day of Kindergarten // R: last day of Kindergarten
Since Aspen's a summer birthday student, today we were able to bring in donuts for a class treat, and she was so excited to finally participate in that tradition. Sometimes she's really upset she doesn't have a birthday during the school year, but I'm always telling her how awesome it is to be able to have swim parties for her birthday, and have BBQs and watermelon and all the fantastic stuff that can only happen in summer. Hopefully everything was fun in class so she doesn't feel left out.


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