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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Travy Aviary for Birthdays!

My mom came back to Utah again for a wedding, so she and my step-dad were able to stay at our house for another long weekend. It was over Marc's birthday so I decided we should all go to the Aviary to celebrate him and Lincoln having birthdays in June.

Linc still loves birds, so it was a huge hit.

It was so nice having almost everyone together again, and I can't believe how easy it is to keep track of two kids when there are seven adults present. I'd definitely be a better parent if I constantly had an entourage to help me take care of my kids every day.

It was super hot, but in the shade it was perfect. We got to see one of the bird shows, and Aspen got to feed some whistling ducks from her hands. Linc was pretty sad he didn't get to have a turn. I think he may still be too young to participate.

He loved the birds that flew right over our heads (one touched meeeee!!) and he loved seeing the Emu run and skip across the grass in front of us. I looked over and caught him flapping his arms like wings at one point, too.

We enjoyed dairy-free cupcakes in the company of a gorgeous peacock. He really showed off for us.

I had hoped to have one of their hosted birthday party packages, but the night before we wanted to go the Aviary was having an event, and couldn't allow reservations for the weekend. Instead of having any guided tours or feedings, we just spent our quarters on bird food pellets and the kids threw handfuls over the railing. I think Jose picked up as much off the ground as we actually paid for.
And it only took a couple of weeks, but I think Lincoln finally knows the difference between Grandma Gail and Grandpa Marc. For the first weekend they were in town, he called them both Grandpa Gail.
Although the photos below were taken at very different angles, I wanted to get a shot of Kev holding his boy in the same place he held his girl. It's amazing how much changes in just a few years. We're coming up on our 10-year wedding anniversary this month!
Kev with Linc 2016
Kev with Aspen 2011 in the same spot

My little flamingo! I think she had a really good time, too, and we're now suffering withdrawals from the loss of extra adult attention 24/7.

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