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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

4th of July 2016... continued

On Monday we had Sophia, Jose and Seth over to eat and celebrate with us. Aspen wasn't into sparklers this year, but below you can see Lincoln's reaction to seeing one for the first time. He thought it was pretty amazing. I had noticed this cup suggestion for kids + sparklers, so we gave it a shot.

For the first sparkler we made Linc hold it with his hand somewhat protected by the cup, and I think it helped him realize we need to keep a barrier between himself and the firework. But when he wanted subsequent sparklers, he'd go over to Kev and yell "PUT THE FIRE ON IT!!" And he didn't really want to use the cup anymore. 

He saw real fireworks on our drive home Sunday night, and Aspen started saying how scary fireworks are. Linc was following her lead, but I may have convinced him to say they're "booooofital!" in the sky, and not scary.

When Kev held that first sparkler, Linc asked him to put it in the sky, and was a little disappointed they have to stay so small and low to the ground. I knew he'd like them! And maybe if he hadn't stayed up so late Sunday night I would have let him stay up late Monday night to see the city fireworks show with Kev and Aspen. We also need to get another set of shop-muffs so both kids can have ear protection.

Now that Kev no longer has to work in preparation for the audit, he's able to come home much earlier than usual. It was so nice to have him home in time for dinner on the 4th! This summer is going by so quickly, and he's hardly had any time to be involved in fun. Hopefully we can change that with the next couple of months ahead.

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