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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Aspen turns SIX!

We've been busy celebrating Aspen for two whole days! Her birthday is the 27th, and we spent time at the local pool with friends, followed by play time at home (with even more friends!). She also received a small box from my parents earlier in the week, as well as birthday cards. I think she's had a really great birthday, and she no longer wishes she had a birthday during the school year.

Aspen loved all the trinkets my mom sent, and she was excited to use the cupcake toppers when we had her party at Chuck E. Cheese today.

Teasing her brother with her money!
We gave Aspen four books in the Never Girls series, and a new Lego City set (an SUV and camper). I'm relieved we have new chapter books to read (plus some Frozen books Kev picked out for her) because I'm having a hard time with the library right now.. mainly to do with how much money I owe them for late fines. Soon it'll be cheaper to buy new books instead of continually check out and keep library books too long.

We had a Chuck E. Cheese party today since Aspen's cousins are back in town. She'd been dreaming of one for a long time, so this was the year! I loved having someone else do all the work for me, and that Kev took the day off to be with us. I also loved that Aspen's cousins accidentally matched her for the party. I'm dying over how cute they all look together.

Sophia also took a day off work and joined us, and it really worked well. She was another helpful set of hands with Lincoln and tokens and tickets!

This Chuck's is a lot cleaner than the last one I went to, and I was so thrilled! It was light and bright and spacious.

With the exception of ^^this^^ ride, all the kids had fun (HAHAHAHAHA OH LINCOLN!).

Aspen could choose a friend to go in the ticket blaster with her, so I climbed in and we had fun catching extra tickets to share with her cousins and brother. I think everyone cleaned up pretty well and got a few not-too-obnoxious trinkets before we left. Thankfully Linc was the only one afraid of the mouse.

I told Sophia I was so touched when Aspen asked me to make chocolate cupcakes from my "special" recipe for her birthday. Earlier this month she and Sophia made some cupcakes from a mix, and she didn't like them. She said mine taste better. Glad to know that the time I take to make those dairy-free cupcakes matters! Also, please note in the photo below that Linc is just licking the frosting off a cupcake my sister is holding for him. Because 1) Linc refuses to feed himself and 2) Linc only likes frosting.

Aspen's cousins SPOILED her! They each brought her gifts, including some fantastic art supplies and some Frozen-themed goggles that will be awesome for all our pool trips. In fact, the kids even like wearing goggles to the splash pad (*insert laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying emoji here*).

Aspen is so partied out that she started bawling as her cousins were leaving this afternoon. Too much excitement the last two days and not enough sleeping.

Thank you everyone who was thinking of Aspen this week! She loved all the messages, cards, gifts and visits.

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