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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Aspen's Baby Shower (2010)

It's bothered me lately that I never blogged about Aspen's baby shower. I got a notification about this day on Facebook so all the photos popped up, making it easy to grab them and plop them into the blog.

They're mostly out of focus, but I'm moving beyond caring about that!

The guest of honor. Nikki and Mandi hosted this shower for me and we decided to have it after Aspen was born. It was fun to be able to pass Aspen around during the party and let everyone cuddle her while I opened all the gifts people brought.

Me with Carolyn
Kris and Kimmy
With Julia, my sister-in-law

My hostesses pictured above and below. They made maple bacon cupcakes (or muffins?), provided drinks and decorated Mandi's back patio so perfectly for our morning together. And Jen brought a watermelon carved to look like a bassinet. So cute! Nikki and Mandi are two of the best roommates a girl could ask for. I miss our college days, although they were so difficult and emotional; it was a time for learning and growing together and I'm grateful these two ladies were so compassionate and forgiving with me!

Jen and her daughter B

Lalli holding Aspen.
It was a lot of fun to visit and celebrate with this ladies after Aspen was born, and looking over these photos makes so homesick for those years in Ogden! I'm glad I'll soon be heading to Julia's to hold her newest baby and spend time with her family. I'll get to be the awesome Auntie for a week, stealing that title from Sophia!

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