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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bedtime is the Worst Time

Putting the kids to bed myself has gotten progressively worse over the last few months. There are more tantrums, screams, hitting, fighting and general unpleasantness than I thought possible. It can take up to two hours to get both kids to brush their teeth, get in jammies, read books, sing songs, etc... and I still have to leave the room(s) occasionally to pull myself together so I don't scream at them.

Like, what the freak happened to just GOING TO BED?! Why do my kids raise hell against me? Why do I need to hold their hands and spend hours negotiating like a SWAT team just to get them in bed before 9pm? Not even asleep, but just in their stupid beds!

I recently started going out once a week by myself, leaving Kev home with the kids at bedtime. I used to feel guilty about making him do the bedtime stuff alone until he admitted it's super easy for him to get them to sleep. Not just in bed, but ASLEEP before 9pm.

So I stopped feeling guilty and many nights when I am home at bedtime, I still find somewhere to hide and let Kev put the kids to bed by himself. It saves my sanity, and I love it. He just takes both kids into Lincoln's room, watches a few YouTube videos with them and then lets Aspen fall asleep on the floor while Linc is in the crib.

He is a magical unicorn parent.

Last night when I put the kids to bed while Kev was at work, by 845 both kids were screaming their heads off. I'd done baths, teeth, stories, YouTube videos and even Linc's favorite song. Aspen told Linc stories from her floor-bed and I had to leave the room three times because Linc wouldn't stop whining for me to get him out of his crib/change his pajamas/change the color of his drink. I was losing my everlovin mind. I finally made Aspen go to her room and she slammed her head into her wall when I attempted to tuck her in.

I am a hot mess parent.

It's to the point I dread bedtime with every fiber of my being. It's especially hard because after they're in bed is supposed to be when I get work done, run on the treadmill, or do Yoga. It's when I hope to have time to be productive and earn money and do something for myself. Things that are beneficial to our family because they make me feel less like a crazy person.

When school starts it's going to be worse because the kids won't be able to sleep in to recover from trying to destroy me the night before.

Heaven help me.

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