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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Family Photos 2016

The last time we had family photos taken, Linc wasn't born yet. So... it was time again! I was initially overwhelmed at the thought of getting everyone prepped for a photo session, but when it came down to it, I LOVED figuring out what we'd wear and where we'd go. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking through our clothes, ordering some new things, and then doing different flat-lay combinations of all the outfits. I was a woman obsessed.

You can see we went to Wheeler Farm again, which is a favorite place for the kids so I hoped it'd encourage them to look like they were having a good time.

Since Maddie doesn't seem to be doing well lately, I chose the farm because it's dog-friendly. I want her in some recent photos in case we get bad news at the vet this week. She's a special part of our family, and although I often wish she couldn't bark, I still love her!

I hired Elisabeth from Outside Focus after seeing the results of a session she did with a friend. She was the one who initially suggested bringing the family pet if we had one, and she was so patient with us as we wrangled the kids and the dog for a number of photos.

The only thing I don't like about family sessions is not being able to both be in the photo and stand to the side to style everything at the same time. I love how so many of these shots turned out, but I often catch something I wish I'd been able to see from another perspective in order to alter it. I know, I'm a control freak.

But those little things don't really matter because we have so many shots in which everyone, even the dog, is looking toward the camera. I don't need perfect smiles; I just need to see those cute faces!

It was a fun night, and having the kids in a familiar environment, with welcome distractions between photos, made a big impact on how well things went. When Linc ran down a ramp and skidded on the dirt, falling onto his head, Elisabeth whipped out gummies for the kids to eat while Linc calmed down. It was the perfect diversion from his bump and it gave Elisabeth a chance to snap some shots of just me and Kev.

After a few shots in each place, Linc would casually announce, "I'm done!" and hop off whatever prop we were using. He even yawned out, "THIS IS BOOOORING!" at one point and I about died laughing. I'm so glad this went well and we got the pictures I envisioned from Elisabeth.

If you're in the Salt Lake area, please consider using Outside Focus! Elisabeth is so friendly and prompt with her responses to inquiries. And since she's just starting out her business right now, she isn't yet swamped and backlogged with editing so turnout is faster than I anticipated.

Now the hard part is picking which ones I'll print for the walls. And maybe talking myself out of doing family photos every year until I die. It's just so fun!

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