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Friday, August 19, 2016

Farmington Pond

I want to be better about exploring what Utah has to offer, so when Amanda asked if we could get together before school starts, I suggested a visit to Farmington Pond. I've never been, but have seen photos all over social media this summer. I didn't know much about the place beforehand, but we decided to go for it.

I really like it, and it was perfect for a picnic lunch. There's a few picnic tables and even a fire pit. The paved trail leads from the parking lot to a residential area behind the pond. We enjoyed exploring it.

The "waterfront" was perfect for rock throwing and digging through the sand for dinosaur bones. Once again, I saw a bunch of paddle boarders! They were inflating their boards when we arrived. The pond would be such a great place to learn since there aren't waves.

Aspen, ever the dreamer, created a game called Kid Explorers and led everyone on an expedition. They hunted for trinkets on the "game trails" (Kev taught her that) and she stock piled quite a few acorns and other nuts from the scrub oak.

Linc was mostly a monster until we fed him, but I think overall he had a good time. He liked watching some big kids across the pond as they flipped off the rope swing. There's a dock for fishing (and jumping, I suppose!) and Linc loved throwing big rocks off of it.

I'm glad we went, and I think it's a fun, private little place to just enjoy being outside. When the kids get older, I might even be able to convince them to use the rope swing!

It's nice to do a few more things with Aspen before school starts. Although it's been a looooong summer for me, she and Linc have had a good time going on adventures, watching a LOT of TV, and eating snacks 24/7. We'll see how we adjust to having Aspen gone all day... Linc and I will once again be spending quality time together. HIS FAVORITE.

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