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Monday, August 22, 2016


Summer break was a lot harder than I anticipated. Turns out it's difficult to get kids to play and do anything when all the big kid wants to do is watch a lot of TV.

The four-year age gap between the kids is usually really awesome; during the summer it was a small challenge because the inexpensive or free activities that Linc would love, Aspen complained about. She claims she's over Wheeler Farm, and walks around the neighborhood, and "little kid" things like that.

And since I'm a pretty lazy parent, I naively thought the kids would be happy to play in the backyard on their bikes, swing, slide or in the sandbox. But no, Aspen just wanted to watch TV if we were home. And with Linc still needing daily naps, we were home a lot (he does NOT nap on the go).

But we made it. And OF COURSE in the very last week of summer break, Aspen and Linc started playing together really well and really consistently. Every morning after breakfast they would spend a couple of hours playing cars, ponies, trains, playdoh, or other art projects together. It's like they knew the end was near.

Today is Aspen's first day of school, and since we were so very very very late, she didn't have time this morning to revisit the fears she voiced last night. But with a number of her close friends in her class, and her love of socializing and learning, I think it'll be a good day. Plus, her Uncle Seth left his water guns at our house yesterday so the kids can use them after school as a special activity.

Kev is home today, and I left Linc with him while I was at work. When I got home Linc was so excited, asking me where Aspen was. He thought I brought her home with me. Sorry bud, but she's gone allllll day now! It's going to take some adjustment, but soon enough we'll have a school routine and he may not miss her as much. Kev is off again tomorrow while I work, so we'll really be sad later this week when Kev's back at work, too.

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