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Friday, August 26, 2016

Little Things - A Writing Prompt

I'm participating in an online memoir writing group hosted by Ann Dee Ellis. She gives a one-word prompt and encourages 8 minutes of uninterrupted writing. Here's today's exercise:

I do little things every day. Wake the kids. Clean crumbs off the kitchen table. Feed the dog. Water the plants. Change the towels. Hold someone's hand. Wipe someone's face (or bum). Fill and empty bags with important items for leaving the house. Use my turn signal. Change the music. Read a book. Listen to a long tale from someone's imagination. Scrub the toilet. Smile. Hug.

It can be easy or hard, depending on the day. Little things often go unnoticed until they're no longer being done.

My house is full of little things. Plastic pony accessories. Matchbox cars. Socks. Diapers. Legos. Train tracks. Stuffed animals. Blankies. Shoes. Books. Pictures. Finger and paw prints. Chew toys. Dirt, sand, grass, rocks and seeds. Art supplies and art projects.

It can be easy or hard, depending on the day. Little things often go unappreciated until they're gone.

Sometimes I wonder what the point is of cleaning up the same mess every. single. day. The toys will just be on the carpet again tomorrow. The crusts and spills will find the table and floor again tomorrow. The clothes will never stop being dirty. The beds will be slept in again in hours. How can I read the same book over and over and oooooooover again today?

The point is that I only get to hold those little hands for a few years before they no longer want to. I can only goose those tiny bums for a few years before they no longer allow it. I can only listen to the laughter of my children under my roof for a short while (and not just because too much laughter always turns to tears). I can only watch my little things use their little things for a short amount of time before they move on to bigger things (sports, music, academics, driving, dating...).

These little things needs doing. These little things need loving. These little things won't stay little things forever.

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