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Monday, August 29, 2016

This Is The Place

Due to other obligations I had last week, it wasn't until Thursday and Friday that Linc and I could really revel in him being an "only child" for most of the day. When Kev and I planned to have our kids so far apart, I got excited about the one-on-one time I'd be able to spend with our second born child while our first was in school. That was back before I knew I'd hold Lincoln for all his sleeping hours and would spend more time with him in a year than I spent with Aspen in four.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to having outings with just Lincoln while Aspen is in school all day. He'll get to do many of the things she and I did when it was just us girls. Only in Salt Lake instead of Ogden.

We went with friends to This Is The Place last week and enjoyed a few of the activities offered there with their membership. The kids pet goats and sheep, and Linc got nipped by a goose. There are pony rides, and baby animals to coo over right now.

We rode the trains and played in the splash pad, and Linc made himself and Aspen arrowhead necklaces. He used green beads for his because, as he told the people working there, he's Peter Pan. They kept asking him if green is his favorite color, trying to engage him a little during the activity. He finally blurted out his true identity to explain the green beads.

We hope to piggyback on the pass again with Emily and her youngest so we can do some Halloween activities at the park. We just may not tell Aspen if we go while she's in school. Although if she gets really jealous, I can show her the bajillions of photos I have of her doing super fun stuff for years before Linc was born.

It's a little easier to enjoy outings with Linc because I do know Aspen loves first grade. The Spanish immersion has been great for her so far, and she gushes excitedly about all she does in school each day. I know I don't have to feel guilty when Linc and I eat Chick Fil A without her... and eventually I'm sure I'll completely get over that.

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