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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A Lunch Date in Park City

I wanted to take the kids to Swiss Days this year, but I got some feedback that it would be a crowded crazy mess and not worth the hassle. So maybe next year I'll have the courage to take the kids by myself. I've always wanted to go because I love Park City/Midway/Heber and use any excuse to head up there.

Instead of watching a parade and eating yummy fair food, I took the kids to Park City to visit Kev at work. We haven't been to his new building yet, and I thought the kids would love to see it. We picked up sandwiches on our way and had lunch outside together. Then we got a private tour of the building and walked the grounds. Aspen almost died when she saw the theater room. Kev told her we can have a family movie day there soon. She thinks it's so amazing that there's a room with a huge screen and a bunch of couches.
Holding on for dear life, especially after Linc lost a sticker to the wind.
When Kev had to go back to work, I took the kids for a ride on the cabriolet to see the base of Canyons resort. They were a little nervous about getting on and off, but they did great overcoming their fear. The views were beautiful, and I'm glad I didn't drop either one of them while trying to get on/off all at once.

The cabriolet is an open-air version of a gondola. It's more enclosed than a ski lift, but the sides are open. Linc isn't tall enough to see over, so on the ride up he just stared through the grate at our feet. It was fun for him to see cars driving below us.

I brought my real camera with me, but realized after I got home that it didn't have a memory card in it. So none of the photos I took with it exist! I'm glad I managed a few with my phone, especially while on the cabriolet! It was so gorgeous, especially with leaves changing colors on the mountains. Next time I'll be better prepared!

We got home in time for Linc to take a nap, and then headed to Seth's house. Linc randomly asked about riding Seth's bobcat, so we planned to have dinner and rides at his house. Last time Linc rode the bobcat he was out of mind terrified, so I was surprised he asked about it. Thankfully this time he enjoyed it, and we all enjoyed seeing his baby belly hanging out of his shirt while he sat on his Uncle Seth's lap.

Both kids got to ride, and Aspen loves that she's old enough to use the controls. Poor Seth got stuck on a looooong ride back and forth across the yard with her.

Kev was able to meet us at Seth's for dinner, and we let the kids stay up way too late. But hey, what are long weekends for?! Since school started, Aspen and Lincoln have weekend sleepovers anyway, so I know they stay up a little later than usual regardless of what time we put them to bed. In case Aspen ever tells you that she sleeps under a table in her brother's room, just know what she means is we make up a bed for her on the floor, and it happens to be under the desk we use as a changing table for Linc. She loves piling up her blankets and pillows and sleeping there when it's not a school night. Kev will sit in there with both kids at least until Linc falls asleep in his crib. It's pretty sweet, and probably as close as we'll get to the two of them sharing a room.

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