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Friday, September 02, 2016

Registered Yoga Teacher Training

I started class this week for my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I'm taking two of the five required courses this semester, and the final three next. I'm glad I didn't over schedule myself for my first semester back to school because for just my Intro class, I have over 100 pages of reading to complete as homework for the first week. And since I'm going to miss a class this month (and we have Labor Day off) I have two presentations to complete in order to avoid falling behind. Additionally, for my Intro class I have to deconstruct 48 key Yoga asanas (postures) throughout the semester. For Intro alone, I have to log three personal yoga classes each week. In anatomy, the first week requires a lot of reading as well, and the lectures move at a fast pace. I've never taken an anatomy course before, so there is a lot that's unfamiliar to me and it will take a lot of study on my part to grasp all the terminology.

It doesn't really seem like a lot of work when I look at each syllabus, but after sitting down and trying to read while the kids were awake and needing things, I realized there will be little I can do when I'm in charge of them. I'm going to have to do my studying and projects while Aspen's at school and Linc is napping, or when they're both in bed for the night. That doesn't add up to a lot of time, but I'm optimistic I'll make it work. With this being something I genuinely love, the work doesn't feel as difficult as it could otherwise.

Heading to class my first day, I was nostalgic for my Weber State years. They were definitely hard and stressful, but also some of the best of my life. I grew so much as I studied, lived, worked and played on that campus. I know I won't have an experience very similar to that at a local commuter college, but I'm still excited to get to know some of the other students and grow as a yogi with them. Each week in Intro we'll spend about an hour on the lecture and another hour doing a practice and breaking it down. In anatomy we were constantly up and down in our seats, kinetically exploring the
course content as a group. It will be a very different experience than getting my Bachelor's Degree in English.

It's all very exciting, though, and I look forward to my personal practice benefiting from my studies.  

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