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Friday, October 14, 2016

A day we lived

It's the perfect time of year. Cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. When I'm home alone with Linc, he boycotts his afternoon nap and so we find ourselves on the front porch, waiting for Aspen to come home from school.

He brings a snack and a bucket of toys outside while we watch the street for his sister's arrival. He talks nonstop, asking me what I'm doing. "Still gardening, Linc" is my reply. I put a snail on the step next to him and he asks me about it for at least five minutes. "Is it alive? Does it see me? Can he walk? Will he get me? Can I touch it? It's a snaaaaaiiill?!"
I busy myself with the deadheading and the answering of his questions. I shed layers of clothes as the sun continues to shine on our front yard and I continue to work. Linc continues to crunch his carrots and once the snail slithers out of sight, it's forgotten.

Aspen comes walking down the sidewalk, singing as usual. Linc runs to her with his arms wide. "NO MORE HUGGING I'VE HAD ENOUGH HUGGING TODAY!" she yells to him. I suggest a high-five instead. Linc accepts this compromise and clumsily slaps his sister's hand.

They commence playing and fighting together while I finish cleaning out the flower beds. I pause to take Linc inside for a timeout to remind him it's not okay to steal his sister's toys all the time. When we go back outside, he makes better choices and Aspen forgives him again for being a little brother.

As they lose interest in the toys they've brought outside, Aspen asks me to play the music from The Nutcracker so they can dance and run around. While it plays, she practises what she's been learning in her new ballet class. Linc bends low, sticks out his bum, and waves his arms from side-to-side yelling "WIGGLE MY BOOTY!" I laugh at the moves he pairs with the music.

They run around the yard for a long time. They hardly fight. I'm nearly drunk on the beauty of the light shining on my babies as the afternoon wanes. When Linc asks for a Popsicle, I give in and let him have one. He eats it next to me in the kitchen while I make grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. Kevin miraculously pulls into the driveway just as I'm placing warm sandwiches onto plates. Maddie escapes under the railing to the stairs and rushes past Aspen, who is still dancing to The Nutcracker.

We actually eat dinner together and there's no yelling or fighting or pushing or poking. The rest of the night is spent with Linc and Kev cuddling on the couch to watch shows together while Aspen paints at the table. After a couple of hours they willingly get ready for bed and sit with Kev in Linc's room to read books, watch videos and give in to sleep. I get to reflect on the day while listening to them chat through the baby monitor.

Happy days like this are hard to come by. Two young kids make for countless challenges and demands. Work, school, and church obligations keep me busy and constantly thinking about the next task ahead. But on this day, I just soaked it in. I let the sun keep us outside. I let our bellies remind us when we needed to eat, rather than the clock. I didn't rush bedtime, or hint to the kids that I needed them to hustle off to bed so I could work.

Today we just lived.

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  1. I love this post so much! Also that picture of Linc hugging Aspen (or wrestling her from behind) is hilarious and so cute!


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