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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heber Creeper Pumpkin Train 2016

Last year we rode the Pumpkin Train for the first time, and I found tickets this year on KSL Deals in time to go again! Linc was looking forward to this so much and kept asking if it was a real train that would really move. Next year Kev wants to go to Black Island Farm with the kids, and I hope we can fit both in with Kev's work schedule and the limited availability for the train (Kev works most weekends and it's hard to find a school day when we can go).

On the ride, there's a bit of entertainment and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Both kids really enjoyed looking out the windows and seeing beautiful Heber City. I love that place so much. Oh, and yes, Linc's nails are painted. He's never seen me paint my nails before, and he was mesmerized when he happened upon me last week doing my toes. He asked me to paint his nails, too, and he gets a kick out of it still being on his fingers every day when he wakes up.

This year we didn't get to see the engine pull around the side of our train car, and I didn't know that until after I'd already told Linc to watch for it. He was disappointed but thankfully forgot about it once we got our cookies.
We also got pumpkins from the "patch" by the train station, and we walked through the kid-friendly haunted train car. The kids loved the whole experience. The weather was perfect and I'm glad we managed to go two days before the Heber Creeper moves on to the next theme. I just wish I'd remembered to check the camera for the MEMORY CARD!! I pulled it out of my bag at the train station and realized it was useless to me. But low-quality phone photos are better than nothing.

I'm already looking forward to going back next year.

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