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Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Mantra

I went to a yoga class recently that was somewhat disappointing. It was held at a nearby studio and I had high hopes I'd like it. I even bought a pass so I can stay dedicated and attend a certain number of classes as required by my Intro to Yoga class for my RYT.

I had an open mind when I arrived, but was put off by the smell of the diffusing oils, and the volume of the music. Additionally, I was the only person in attendance. I don't know if was just an off day, or if this class just isn't popular. Having a one-on-one class when you're not prepared for it can be tricky for both the instructor and the student.

The teacher in this class said she was glad I came because she needed a practice for herself. Ironically, the previous day my instructor in Intro reminded us that when we teach classes, we're only there for our students. The practice is not our own.

I've mulled over this experience and today decided I needed a mantra to help me let it go. To let go of anything that's bothering me lately. Things that are out of my control don't need to take over my life. As I drove to a different yoga class this morning before work, I focused on the statement "I am content."

During my yoga practice, I reminded myself I am content. When I found myself stressed at work, I reminded myself I am content. When I endured a tantrum from Linc trying to buckle him into his car seat I reminded myself I am content (that time it didn't work). Throughout the day I reminded myself I am content.

I'm going to try holding onto this mantra and my contentedness for the next few weeks, especially with the insanity of the holidays and finals coming up. And with this mantra I'll head back to that studio and give it another chance.

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