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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Car Shopping 101

Last week Kevin was driving my car alone and he wrecked it. Rude, right?! Thankfully he's completely fine, but the car's totalled. There was a box in the road and the other car involved in the crash actually drove away from the scene. A kind witness towed Kev to the roadside and vouched for what happened when the police arrived. And now it doesn't matter that I backed into someone a few weeks ago and got a teeny tiny scrape on my bumper.

We've been dealing with insurance since then and it's frustrating trying to get the car's worth from them (no surprise). We were able to get a rental car for the latter half of last week, but it had to go back on Monday. Right now Kev's schedule includes having M-W off, so we've made due with just his car, and tonight my brother brought over one of his cars for us to borrow (BLESS HIS HEART) since Kev and I both need to work tomorrow.

When I got home from work today, Kev told me he'd found another car to look at (he test drove a few yesterday with his friend) so we loaded up the kids and visited a couple of dealers. Since insurance hasn't come through for us yet, we got pre-approved for an auto-loan and tentatively planned to buy something this afternoon. I've never been car shopping before and, lemme tell ya, doing it with kids and a car seat felt like baptism by fire.

The kids were really good, considering, and it was nice for me to get a feel for the cars Kev has been looking at online. For a while now I've been interested in a third-row seat so I can be useful when it comes to carpools, so we've focused on those. The only hurdle is Kev gets hyper-focused on things like this and must exhaust every. conceivable. option. before pulling the trigger. Which, I get! But on the other hand I just want to be done with all of this and stop talking about heated leather seats and wood trim and gear shifts and V8 and premium gas vs unleaded and MPG and how many inches the vehicle is off the ground. I KID YOU NOT Kev and Matt were literally reading dimensions to me last night. It's nice I don't have to do all the research myself, and that I can rely on Kev and Matt to be thorough, but they're pretty boring right now.

Aspen had a very strong opinion about the Pilot we drove today, mostly because she recognized the Honda emblem and was thrilled it would be like my old car (Passport). When we drove the Acura MDX she freaked out and said she hated it and it was stupid. I showed her the Honda sticker on the window and Kev even explained it's just a luxury version of the Pilot but she pitched a huge fit. So remind me not to buy her a car for her sweet sixteen because that will probably be a nightmare.

Kev hopes to look at a private-owned car tomorrow night, and we may look at one more on Monday if that doesn't pan out. Right now I'm feeling nostalgic for that one time he bought a car for me at an auction without me ever seeing it and then I drove it for seven years or so before he crashed it. Now that was a car-buying experience I enjoyed.

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  1. Haha I would love an mdx. Don't love the premium gas but it drives like a car. Pilots are amazing too. Our Durango has been so expensive this past year (it is 11 years old), that I definitely want to go Japanese next time. They just seem to last a bit longer. Good luck!


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