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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Disney on Ice 2016

Last year I won tickets to Disney on Ice, and this year Sophia did! She invited Aspen and we surprised her once again with the outing. When I told Aspen her Auntie was going to take her, she mentioned how last year she got that yummy, long treat-thing. She mused that perhaps her Auntie would get one for her just like like time. I told her I didn't have any cash to give Sophia to cover buying food or toys, so she should eat her dinner and not get her hopes up about the churro.

But of course, the best Auntie ever delivered and bought a churro for Aspen. And I bet she didn't take a bite out of it and cause Aspen to go into hysterics.

The next morning Aspen told me and Linc all about it, and we watched the videos Sophia took and sent to me. There was one with Peter Pan and Linc flipped his lid when he saw them take off and fly through the air. He said, in his cute little elf voice, "Maybe somedayyyy, when I'm a big kid, I can go too! And see the flying!" Every day he talks to me about how he puts his arms behind him and runs fast to fly like Peter Pan. It's so cute.

I'm so glad Aspen and her Auntie got to have a date night together. My sister goes above and beyond to be involved in the lives of my kids and I appreciate all she does for them. And hopefully we can keep up the tradition of winning tickets to see Disney! 

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