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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Family Pictures - writing prompt

I don't have many photos of my childhood. Some survived the house fire, though, and for that I'm grateful. I even have some of my whole family that were taken in a studio setting, in addition to the random snapshots of candid moments.


With my own family now, I usually feel like getting pictures professionally done every few years. Since there are so many easy ways to print and preserve photos (hello Chatbooks!) I can't resist. It's not like these photos will be taken and left to gather digital dust; I'm good about making canvas prints for the walls and keeping the Chatbooks readily available for everyone to look through. I try to make it a very fun experience for everyone, and the last two times we had photos taken, we went to Wheeler Farm. There's a small fee to have a photographer on the farm, but it's worth it to have a setting the kids enjoy. There are good distractions for them, and being outside makes for such amazing light. I'm glad the latest trend for photographers is natural light.
I know FotoFly recently increased their prices, but they're one studio I really love when it comes to indoor (and they do outdoor, too). I only used them once when I had one kid, and she was the only subject so it was pretty easy. When they were cheaper, they rushed you around the studio to use all the different backdrops and it was like musical chairs. Multiple photographers and clients were darting all over the studio and it was a little crazy. But any time I see people's photos from FotoFly, they look fantastic so I think it's worth it.


I've been lucky to have a number of friends dabble in photography, and they usually have awesome prices when they're just getting started. I still have photos displayed in my home from the times I had Linsey take pictures of Aspen (at about 4 months, and again at 1 year).


And we all know I'm not shy about using the self-timer and photographing my family randomly. For years Kev and I used the self-timer for our Christmas photo, and they turned out pretty good! Even Maddie made appearances in them. And although the quality varies, I did a pretty good job regularly photographing both kids once a month for a special letter I wrote to them every month for two years (see those HERE).
Today when we got in the car to visit the library, I noticed Aspen had a Chatbook in her hands. She looked through half of it on the way there, and finished it on the way back. I'm glad I'm already seeing a return on the investment I've put into having lots of photos of our family. Lincoln loves the bigger books I sometimes make through Shutterfly since they're a little easier to look through.

I'm running out of wall space in my home since I have a hard time switching out photos (or use canvas prints instead of frames) but that's okay. It's worth it to walk around my house and see those moments smiling (or frowning) back at me.

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