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Monday, November 07, 2016

Family Weekend

I had no idea the Eccles Dinosaur Museum was so expansive. When we lived in Ogden, I sometimes walked by the exterior fence since it bordered part of the parkway. I didn't realize there was so much on the grounds as well as so many exhibits inside.

For our family weekend in Ogden, Kev and I brainstormed some ideas, and since the weather was supposed to be perfect we wanted something outdoors. I found half-price admission to the dino park on KSL Deals and got ridiculously excited.

Linc was receptive to everything, and really loved the polished rocks that are perfect spheres. He and I strolled through the gems exhibit and most of the upstairs while Aspen had a breakdown about those robotic dinos. Kev eventually talked her off the cliff and was able to walk her to another part of the museum with us.
While still inside we watched some paleontologists working and the kids also experienced their own amateur dig. 

As we walked outside, Aspen stopped every few feet to take notes in a notebook her Grandma Gail gave her. She said she wanted to be able to look back on all we did that day.

I wish I'd planned a little more ahead and brought lunch to the park. The playground area is awesome and the kids didn't want to leave. We spent more than two hours at the museum, but I think they could have stayed outside longer.

After the museum I let Aspen choose our lunch destination, and of COURSE she picked Chick Fil A. That girl and her nuggets, man. 

Linc rode this slide 1,000,000 times. Loved every minute of it. He liked to "trick" me and stop at the plateau before going down the rest of it.

Aspen pouted any time we suggested putting down her notebook. She toted it all around, even when playing on the equipment.

It was quite the adventure and I'm so glad we were able to go. The kids enjoyed the precious stones exhibits, the skeletons, and the winding trails outside. They really went nonstop most of the day.

Our pool time was great too, and mostly because I got to sit in the hot tub while Kev and Matt played with the kids in the *FREEZING* pool. I don't know how they could stand it, but I only put my feet in and backed out immediately.

The hotel was pretty dumpy, but with Kev's discount it was worth it. I'm just relieved that although Kev and I didn't sleep well, the kids got almost enough sleep to recover from all the fun on Saturday. Kev shared a bed with Aspen, and I was so jealous. She's not as bad to sleep with compared to little Linc. He was on cloud nine sharing a pillow and oxygen bubble with me. He just kept snuggling into me the whole night, and freaked out when Kev returned from a late movie and tried to scoot Linc onto his own pillow instead of MY FACE. And although it was a pretty fretful night with very little sleep for me, I did take a few moments to appreciate my boy. He won't always fit under my chin when we cuddle, and he won't always want to hold my hand when he falls asleep. I won't always get to watch his eyelids get heavy while I sing to him, and I won't always be his favorite person. So while I would have liked to sleep a liiiiiiittle bit more, I'm still glad we did this overnight.

And with that, I'm officially done recapping our weekend!

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