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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween 2016

Weeks ago I saved a photo on my phone of perfect donuts with vampire teeth nestled into the holes. Unfortunately the delicious donuts I bought had teensy weensy centers and I didn't get the desired results when I smooshed fake teeth inside. Regardless, the kids thought these were GREAT! I'm so glad, because I never do anything like this for Halloween.

We had SO MUCH drama trying to get out the door this Halloween; Aspen wouldn't go to the bathroom before putting on her ballerina outfit, she wouldn't wear warm shoes, she wouldn't put on a long-sleeve shirt underneath, she wouldn't bring a jacket, she wouldn't put on mittens... Linc and I stood in the driveway FOREVER waiting for her to emerge from the house. We'd already driven to her dance teacher's house, so at least Linc had some candy in his bag he could eat to stay occupied. 
I got a cute pic of the kids together, and then asked them to give me their ballerina and Spiderman moves. As you can see in the two photos below, Spiderman doesn't have any moves.

It was a beautiful night for trick-or-treating and I'm glad Kev was home to go with me and the kids. I just hate doing stuff like this by myself because I'm always positive someone will get hit by a car. THANKS ANXIETY.

 Although we had a rough start to the fun, it went really well! We only stayed out about two hours (6-to-not-quite-8) and the kids were asleep by 830 or 9. We spent some of our time with one of Aspen's school friends, and saw lots of buddies on the walk around our neighborhood. This is also the first year we've finally carved a pumpkin, so Aspen was thrilled we let it glow on our porch while we trick-or-treated. Kev has been meaning to do this for ages and I'm glad they had time to let Aspen design something. She said it's supposed to be her chubby little brother.

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