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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Hotel, Motel Holiday Innnnnnn

I promised myself I'd be in bed by 830 tonight but it obviously hasn't happened yet. Linc was up around 430 this morning, and thanks to being in the same bed as MAMA!! he wouldn't go back to sleep. Also, Daylight Savings is pretty stupid. So while Linc and Kev got to nap this afternoon in an attempt to recover, I feel like I've been awake for dayyyyyyys. But I'm trying to stick with my NaBloPoMo goal so I gotta crank something out.

After our super-early start this morning, we braved the continental breakfast at the hotel and plugged the kids into some cable TV while getting ready for church. We were invited to a friend's baby blessing and got to spend some time at their home after Sacrament meeting, visiting and letting the kids run around like crazy people. I think Linc did 100 laps around the trampoline while chasing a ball. I told Nikki it will never stop being weird for me to see my kids playing with the kids of my long-time friends.

After the celebrations at Nikki's, we were able to head to Matt's and Alissa's for the afternoon. Linc and Kev snuck downstairs for a nap while Aspen "babysat" the twins. She said she'd do much better if it was just one baby. YOU AND ME BOTH, SISTER. Once the big kids returned home from church Aspen was able to disappear with them and play until dinner. She's at a fun age when she's independent and creative with her friends and I love seeing her have such a great time.

Being back in Ogden was so nice, as was being with old friends. I've been trying to nurture my relationships lately and am glad for opportunities to do so. And I'm really glad Kev actually had a whole weekend off (and then some!) so we could take advantage of his work discount and have a family getaway. Next time that happens though I'll be sure we can stay home and maybe get some sleep.

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