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Friday, November 04, 2016

Road Trip - writing prompt

We took a little road trip tonight. After school Kevin and I packed the kids in his little car and drove to my Seth's. We dropped off the car we borrowed from him, and left our Maddie-dog so she can spend the weekend at his house.

Kev hopped in the car with us and we kept driving south. Traffic was awful, but the kids happily colored in the backseat for most of the drive. Eventually the whining commenced so Kev handed one of our phones to Linc so he could play a game, and we asked Aspen to do her 20 minutes of reading for school. We went into the bank and secured the car loan and BOOM we bought a second car. Of course, before we finished all the paperwork Linc had a meltdown and kept tossing his toys all over the floor even after repeatedly given other options.

The previous owner of the car needed a ride home, so we put the extra car seats in and Kev took the whole crew with him. I enjoyed a blissfully silent drive home by myself, and that's the best kind of road trip I can imagine at this stage in my life. I arrived home well before the rest of the family and almost fell off my chair when Kev sent me a photo from the car parked in the driveway. Linc had actually fallen asleep in the car, which he hasn't done since August when he missed two naps for our family trip to Pineview. Kev carried the boy into the house and tucked him into bed and Aspen was soon to follow.

And as they sleep I'm getting everything ready for another little road trip in our new car, commencing tomorrow morning!

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