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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Weekend Getaway

We visited the Ogden Dinosaur park today for the first time and after convincing Aspen the robotic dinos weren't going to eat her, we had a great time. Linc stood outside that exhibit and kept telling Aspen, "Issss not scary! Hold my hand!" But she wouldn't go for it.

My favorite part was the outdoor playground because I didn't have to worry about losing a kid. The paths were so fun for the kids to run on and Aspen like the trail names and unpaved sections. It was such a beautiful day to be outside, too.

We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and now I'm watching shows in the hotel bed I'm sharing with Linc, and I'm amazed at how much he talks in his sleep. I'm just so grateful it didn't take long for both kids to pass out, and that I had time to hit up Farr's Fresh before Kev left to see a late movie. 🍧

I'd include some fabulous photos from our day, but Blogger doesn't seem to support my attempts to do so from my phone. So they'll have to wait. Just know that it feels good to be back in Ogden, even if it's short-lived.

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