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Monday, December 12, 2016

Yoga Videos

In November, Mariel (the owner of the blog I work for) called to ask if I'd be interested in creating some yoga courses to offer via Udemy.

Um, yes.

A couple of her brothers have a production company so we started brainstorming ideas while I was in the midst of studying for finals. It has been a CRAZY few weeks and there have been countless nights since this all started when I can't sleep. I keep picking up my phone to make notes of all the ideas spiraling out of control in my head. I think of sequences, dialogue, resources, and spent a couple of weeks I was seriously stressing about getting my hair done in time to be filmed doing like, six hours of yoga (I'm getting it taken care of this week so I can stop worrying about that).

But it's a dream to be doing this. I'm so excited and I don't really mind that it's taken over my brain for a few weeks. What an amazing opportunity to be asked to create different yoga practices and share them with others! Now when people ask me to recommend videos they can purchase and do at home, I CAN RECOMMEND MY VERY OWN. We start filming next week.

This has been really hard, though. I've agonized over what poses to include, how to make everything fit into 30 minute classes, and I've started to earnestly practice those practices with a timer and cue cards. I also try to remember to smile or at least not look like I'm going to pass out while going through sequences. I'm so glad we agreed up front that I'd do voice-overs instead of trying to direct the classes while being filmed. 

Today I had a chance to visit with Nikki and get some make up advice. We tried out different products and I made some big-girl purchases to supplement my drug-store-supplied make up bag. It was fun to play with make up and do some of the easier prep work today.

Much like finals, I'm just ready to get it over with. Or, at least, get started filming so I can get comfortable and know what to expect. It's hard to prepare for something like this, something I've never done before. Yes, I taught live classes for four years, but I usually went with the flow... literally. I would stand in front of the class and ask what they needed that day. I'd keep an eye on the clock and fill the hour with poses that catered to the needs of the individuals. And if I messed up we didn't have to stop and go back and fix it; we just powered through it with a shrug (if anyone even noticed!). I joked with Nikki that I used to roll out of bed at 5:15a.m., put in my contacts and swipe on some mascara before heading off to teach early classes at Weber. Those were the easy days of yoga! Now I'm worrying about whether or not my eyelashes will show up on camera without those extensions everyone's getting these days.

Regardless of my nerves, I'm glad for this chance to do something I love so much. My RYT classes this semester have changed my approach to yoga, and I know what I've learned will make these classes better than ones I've taught before.

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  1. This is going to be fun!! Please don't stress so much... it's stressing me out! ;)


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