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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Questionnaire

I try to remember to have the kids do this on Father's Day every year. The answers are obviously more hilarious the younger the kid, so pay close attention to Linc's responses.

Me: What is your Dad's name?
Aspen: Kevin
Lincoln: Mmmm I don't know what his name is. What's his name?

Me: How old is your Daddy?
A: I don't know. 32?
L: He's 2. I'm THREEEE!! I had an Octonaut birthday!

Me: How tall is your Dad?
A: I don't know. UMMM 25 inches?
L: He's DIS TALL (showing me)

Me: How much does Daddy weight? How heavy is he?
A: 104 pounds?
L: He's DIS HEAVY! SO HEAVY *siiiigh*

Me: What's Daddy's favorite food to eat?
A: Banana
L: Cereal

Me: What makes your Daddy happy?
A: Hmmm me and my brother making good choices.
L: Drinking (I DIED LAUGHING!!)

Me: What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?
A: Read books
L: Play cars

Me: What makes your Dad mad?
A: When me and Lincoln aren't making good choices.
L: My hitting Aspen. That makes him MAAAAD!

Me: What's your Dad's favorite thing to do?
A: Be with me and Lincoln and mom.
L: Eat, play!

Me: What is your Dad good at? What can he do?
A: Fix things
L: He can do work and play cars.

Me: What does your Daddy always tell you?
A: Make good choices.
L: Tells me not to hit Aspen.

Me: Why does Daddy love you?
A: Ummm I don't really know.
L: Because... Mmmm... I don't know!

Seems the kids need their dad to tell them WHY he loves them and not just that he does. They had no guesses.

Happy Positive-Male-Rodel-Model Day, Kev!

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