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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Letters to Lincoln - month 36

Dear Linky Lou-

Today you're three! You insist you're not a baby, but I can't stop myself from calling you that. Heck, I still call your sister a baby and she's almost seven. You want to be referred to as a big kid, you want to play with big kids, and you want to grow up to be a mommy. Whatever floats your boat, bud!

For months, we discussed what kind of birthday you'd like to have. Octonauts is a TV show you love, so long ago you decided that's what you wanted. We have a zoo pass, so we planned to do the zoo splash pad, and to see the sea animals exhibit there. Unfortunately, the zoo's one and only polar bear died in the spring, so we didn't get a chance to see her one last time. But that didn't deter us! We still planned to see the otters and seals and enjoy the water with your sister and cousins! And then your Daddy took you to meet Lightning McQueen about two weeks before your party and you decided you needed to have a Lightning birthday.

I guess you weren't impressed with the printed image of McQueen after you met the REAL DEAL. Dad took you and Alexis to meet Lightning since there's a new Cars movie coming out soon.

Linc, I'm sometimes more stubborn than you, so I refused to change your party. You were pretty mad, but eventually you stopped caring. While I was at work the morning of your zoo party day, Dad convinced you to put on Octonauts clothes and you were fine with going to the zoo as planned. It was a hot day, but you loved every minute of it! We spent about four hours at the zoo and you passed out on the car ride home. I'm glad it was a happy day for everyone, and that we could share it with your Aunty, cousins, and that even your dad was off work and could come with us!

We got a big bag of clothes from Amanda, and you mistakenly thought it would have Octonauts items. It had Cars clothes, but nothing Octonautical... so I took some shark PJs from that bag and drew Octonauts characters on myself.
Besides Octonauts, things you love include your mom, your sister and the baby doll you stole from her a year or so ago. You're also still very attached to your blue swaddle that I've used with you since you were born. You sleep on your crib mattress on the floor of your sister's room (and have for at least a month now) and it's sweet that you two can get along so well while you're sleeping. You also love a little white seal beanie baby because Aspen and I convinced you it was a great Happy Meal toy that an Octonaut would take care of (you were super ticked McDonald's stopped giving out pull-back cars and we didn't warn you beforehand). You love cats, and you often say that when Maddie dies (we've had her ten years now <3) you're going to get a kitty. Good luck convincing your dad.

Using your sunglasses as goggles.
You LOVE Swig sugar cookies and that's what we had on your party day and what we'll have today after dinner as your treat. I spent the last five or so months using that as a once-a-week bribe to encourage you to make good choices while at work with me, and now you're hooked. But hey, you grew out of the hitting stage and now the rest of the kids at work are safe ;).
Daddy taught you and Aspen how to ride balance bikes this spring, and now you're cruising around the block. Aspen has graduated to a regular bike, but you're still hesitant to try it yourself. You have a lot of confidence zipping on that little balance bike Dad made for you!

Over Aspen's spring break in April you decided you wanted to start using the toilet, and kind of potty-trained yourself. With a few daily rewards, many accidents and a lot of encouragement, you're doing really well. You're proud of what you learned, and you're very happy with all your big kid underwear. It's nice not changing diapers anymore! FREEEEEDOM!!

You love to cuddle and to look at books with someone, and you're going to be so depressed when Aspen goes back to school in the fall. Having her home for summer has been your idea of heaven. She plays with you, reads to you, shares EVERYTHING with you, bosses you, gets snacks for you, yells at you, scratches your face off and is basically the best big sister in the history of the universe. You're a lucky dude because not only does she dish it out, but she takes it right back from you and still loves you to pieces. I love seeing the two of you spontaneously holding hands when we're walking together. I hope you'll always appreciate her and the wonderful person she is. You give her a hard time, and I always tell you that someday she'll have a license and I won't make her drive you around and that'll be her revenge. Also, she won't let you date her super-awesome friends if you're always a brat to her *wink wink kidding/not kidding*

In the mornings you often find your way into bed with me and Dad, and while I hate losing sleep because you steal my spot and insist on cuddling on top of me, I never put you back in your own bed. I know you'll someday be too big for those morning cuddles. Someday your cheeks won't be so squishy and you won't sleep while clutching that baby doll of yours.

Linc, we really love you. We're glad you're part of our family. Happy Birthday, you crazy little baby man.


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