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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Aspen's 7th Birthday

So....... Aspen had a birthday at the end of July. She wanted a water party before we left for our family vacation, so I borrowed some plastic pools and purchased some water guns at the Dollar Tree. It was a blast!

My sister came up with the cousins, and her Taylor cousins came as well. Aspen was in heaven with neighborhood friends and cousins all gathered together.

I got the inflatable dolphin on Amazon, and it's still inflated three months later!! I'm impressed with this purchase.
Although it's belated, I do truly appreciate everyone who dropped off their kids for this party, and who gave gifts. Aspen received a lot of art supplies, many of which I will need to replenish by the time Christmas comes around. Aspen is truly an artist and enjoys creating with so many different mediums.

At 7, Aspen is a tender-hearted, intelligent girl. She enjoys her ballet class, and *says* she likes piano. She doesn't like to practice much when a parent is offering feedback, but if given time to play on her own, she has a lot of fun playing with composing.

Aspen also LOVES watching Netflix. She has always been a fan of TV. She and Linc now have their own tablets, and I often find Aspen using hers as background noise while she creates elaborate 3D roller coasters out of cut, folded, taped and glued pieces of paper.

This is Aspen's second year in dual-immersion Spanish at school, and she does pretty well. She excels in many areas, and we're spoiled because many things in school come naturally to her at this point. Reading is another strength of hers, and she's currently in the 4th Harry Potter book, reading BY HERSELF. I can't keep up with her, so she reads on her own at night for about an hour. While in Maine over her actual birthday, she got an inexpensive book light that died just a couple of weeks later. She loved it so much for bedtime reading, so just a week or so ago I found an awesome rechargeable one for her.

We're lucky to have this Aspen-girl in our family. I appreciate her patience, her intelligence, her forgiving heart, and her willingness to be such an independent person at times. I'm glad she was spoiled with TWO parties this year!

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