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Friday, October 20, 2017

Family Photos 2017

One of the highlights of the trip is these family photos. Well, okay, maybe not a highlight of the actual trip itself because getting the photos taken was a little crazy with all these people... more like a souvenir I'm super grateful to have. Sea Mist Photography managed some amazing shots despite the chaos and the heat and the humidity and the BUGS. Seriously, the mosquito bites about did me in. But if you're in Maine and need photos, definitely contact Heather! She has extremely reasonable rates for large groups and for travel time.

WORTH IT. Family photos area always worth it for me. Just look at these cherubs!

My younger brother has to be a big jerk and live across the country, so I cherish these silly photos of us all together.

The cute little siblings! The adorable cousins! I can barely stand it. 

My brother and SIL were gracious enough to let me schedule these photos on ^that^ little baby's first birthday. It was one of the only full days all my siblings were in Maine at the same time. 

And now I feel a tiny bit caught up since I never blog anymore.

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