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Friday, October 20, 2017

Freeport, Maine 2017

Walking the trail behind my parents' house. It was then I re-learned how buggy it is in Maine. I got so many bites on this vacation, my body had bruises. I know I'm like a sensitive special snowflake, but it was bad! We all scratched some of them enough that they bled. Other than that... great vacation ;)
It's a little surreal to take the kids to my old elementary school so they can play. And from that school, you can see across the property to my old high school. It looks like they're finally getting an outdoor track and field! In my years at FHS, we didn't even have football.
I always enjoy a visit to the Portland Headlight and Fort Williams. It's a small, rocky beach, but it's all free! And the views are unbeatable. I take the same photos almost every time I go.

Next time we visit, I'm going to work sea glass into the budget (sea glass I don't have to search for myself).

We also spent a lot of our time at Winslow (below) because I'm lazy and cheap and prefer the little tiny beach in my hometown... it's so convenient! Who wants to spent hours in the car, driving to and from the beach, when you could spent 15 minutes instead? Not me. Imagine the sand in every crevice of the rental car!!! The horror!!!
It's not a bad little beach. And it's attached to my memories, so it has an advantage.

We also enjoyed downtime at my parents' with all the cousins running around like crazies. I'm glad they didn't light anyone or anything on fire when they finally got to use the giant sparklers Kev bought for Aspen's birthday.

I could go on and on about this trip; but I won't. It was fun, it was full, and it simply must happen again!

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