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Monday, April 18, 2011

Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help!

Around 10pm one evening, after dealing with a fussy Aspen ALL DAY LONG, I looked at the dishes piled on the counter and flipped my lid. I proceeded to stomp around the house feeling angry. I made Kev's lunch feeling angry. I brushed my teeth feeling angry. I put a band aid on my finger feeling angry. And then Kev was like, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

That's when I started laughing. Usually he lets me get away with being a brat, but this time he called me on it.

You guys, I am just so. sick. of. washing. dishes. by. hand. I don't think it'd feel this bad if we didn't have dishwasherS (yes, plural) in the garage waiting to be installed. It's just a big project for Kev that involves new plumbing, a garbage disposal, wrecking an existing cabinet... blah blah blah.

Also? I hate the curtains over the sink. I bought them right before Aspen was born and I SAFETY PINNED THEM to shorten them because I do not sew. They're still too long and they get sink gunk on them and they stick on the curtain rod and are hard to close.

Another project I've put off for years is the dining room table. It's pine-colored. I hate it. I bought it and some dark stain with every intention of lightly sanding the table and coloring it to match the dark chairs. Every Thanksgiving we host dinner and photograph that table I hate myself for leaving it as-is for so long. Curses!

The limited amount of storage space has started to become a bigger issue now that Aspen actually eats real food. There's no where to put her jars of baby food, or her snacks, or her bibs/bowls/spoons/whatever. And don't even get me started on the "pantry."

My kitchen is a hot mess.

That's why I need Mandi from Vintage Revivals to help me the heck out.

In June, Mandi is going to visit some lucky winner's house and redo an entire room for FREE. I really really really would love to be that lucky winner. I obviously have zero motivation to remedy my problems myself, so why not pawn them off to someone else (besides poor Kev)? It's the perfect plan!!

I need your help though. You've gotta vote for me. And have your mom vote for me. And your dog and your best friend and your neighbor and the strangers you meet at the grocery store. Voting begins next week, so I'll be hounding you once again to visit Mandi's blog and show me some love.

Thanks guys!


  1. I hope you win it. I will definitely vote for you to win and spread the word.

  2. You are so cute! I dont know how you survive life without a dishwasher. You should totally hold out until its installed....if you know what I mean....

    Thanks so much for linking up! Good luck lady!

    Love your guts

  3. I can hem your curtains for you! Free of charge!


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