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Friday, December 19, 2014

I've got the magic in the me

Because I know you're all on the edge of your seats, how about an update on the sleeping situation at my house?


Well, I have been watching Linc's drowsy cues for about a month now. I've been putting him down for "naps" (which are really just 30-40 minute snoozes) after no longer than two hours of wakefulness for the morning and afternoon. In the evenings, though, I recently noticed he's tired again in more random intervals. I'm trying to honor that and create a schedule that syncs with his natural sleep cycles (CAN YOU SEE WHY I'M BECOMING A CRAZY PERSON?!).

With that in mind, I started putting him to bed "for the night" in the 6 o'clock hour. After a few days this week, it's clear this is the key. He goes to bed before 7pm, and ends up sleeping until about 11 or midnight, which is the longest stretch of sleep he's taken since he was a new baby. After a feed, he'll sleep again for another 4-5 hours. And while I can't go to bed a 7p, I can at least aim for 9 after Aspen is definitely asleep and I can get about two hours in before attending to Linc for his first waking. Then I can try to slip in a long stretch of sleep until Linc wakes again in the early morning.

Last night I didn't hear Linc around midnight, but Kev was awake so he tended to him. I heard Linc wailing a bit as Kev rocked him back to sleep but I didn't go in to help because TIRED. Kev was able to get Linc back to sleep and he didn't wake for a feeding until about 445a. That means he went almost 10 hours without needing to nurse. I AM WINNING!!

This is such a relief. I hope I've found the solution to his interrupted sleep, even if it means he's going to bed at 630p and I'm still a prisoner in my house with sleeping kids.

Early bedtime is a suggestion in Weissbluth's book, but I hadn't gotten to that being an option with Linc yet because his cat naps have been all over the place. Now that everything is moved to an earlier point in the day, starting Linc's bedtime routine at 6 seems to be working. It also helps that Kev is home from work around that time, so I don't feel I'm completely abandoning Aspen.

And a side note- as I've continued to study Healthy Sleep Habits... I find myself crying so much. He constantly reassures parents they're not bad awful humans for resenting and disliking their babies. I need that reminder so much because I am so sick of this baby stuff and the struggle to find a rhythm and have some semblance of a daily schedule again. It feels like a never-ending battle that I am always losing and, man, do I need the encouragement. Even if it is from some Dr. I've never met. It just feels like he gets it. He seems to know how terrible it is to survive a colicky baby, and to try overcoming the problems that develop as a result.

I'm obviously not going to throw a premature party to celebrate Linc's better sleep, but I am going to be grateful for the obvious improvements I've seen in just the last couple of nights. I'm willing to be hopeful the earlier bedtime is doing the trick.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Guess who still isn't sleeping!

I've pretty much reached the end of my rope when it comes to sleeping.

Linc is still up all through the night, sometimes FOUR TIMES. For a baby his age, this is completely unnecessary. Which is proven by the fact he sometimes won't even nurse when I respond to his cries. He just wants some company.

The problem with colic (besides going crazy from constant screaming) is that it took away my baby's ability to learn any self-soothing techniques. Because I did whatever I could to stop his screaming all those weeks, Linc never had to develop any way of soothing that didn't involve me. He was constantly held, rocked, nursed and catered to. He stopped using a binky because he knew he could just nurse. He didn't suck on his fingers or thumb because he knew he could just nurse. He didn't need a blankie to cuddle his face because he was held instead. And the number one offender- rocking him to sleep.

I've had a lot of helpful discussions with other moms, but nothing is yet working on my little bambino. I've tried all sorts of combinations of the following:

no swaddling
loose swaddling (I ordered a sleep sack at 3am the other morning, so hopefully that helps)
binky (now rejected)
nursing to sleep
not nursing to sleep
blackout curtains
sound machine
no sound machine
favorite song
gas drops
crying it out
sleeping him in his swing
giving him something to cuddle (soft blanket, favorite stuffed rattle etc)
delayed-response to crying
keeping him awake no longer than two hours at a time during the day
keeping him awake slightly longer then two hours at a time during the day

Next up is to work on my diet. I sat down to write out my thoughts on this possibility when a friend called to suggest something I'm eating is bothering Linc so much that he can't sleep well. I literally was contemplating what the culprit may be when my phone rang. So I'm hopeful that's a sign I'm on the right path. I'm going to eliminate my daily dose of yogurt and see how that helps Linc's sleep because I have an inkling he has slept better in the past when I've run out of my beloved greek yogurt. If there's no improvement in the next week, then I'll see what else I'm eating that could potentially be bothering him (like acidic foods).

Honestly, if I don't sleep more soon I'm going to flip out. I'm always irritable, I'm so forgetful, I've lost a lot of weight, and I feel anxious all. the. time about sleep, or lack thereof. It's like I'm a prisoner in my house, with a teeny little warden dictating how my days will go (hint: usually crappy). It's extremely difficult to get Aspen to school and dance with this non-schedule Linc is on. It's positively dreadful to take the kids to work with me. And at night, when I finally lie down and hope for sleep, it's difficult to drift off because I just wonder when he's going to wake up screaming again.

All I want for Christmas is to sleep longer than 4 hours at a time.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Christmas Cards

Last year I was able to review the Minted website, and I received a credit to use before the end of 2014. I didn't get my Christmas cards out last year, so I hung on to that credit and was able to make darling snowflake ornament cards for this year.

I love how the Minted cards turned out, and I wish my scanner could capture the quality. It's a heavy card stock and, naturally, my order came with simple ribbon to hang the ornament cards.

And, as per usual, I redeemed one of the many offers floating around to order 10 free prints. This gold card came via tinyprints (a division of Shutterfly) and I love them, too. I was able to stick three different photos on this one, and have color options front and back.

I just love sending out cards; snail-mail is such a wonderful thing and we don't get enough good stuff throughout the year!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Relief Society Christmas Party

Before Lincoln was born, I asked to be released from my calling as a teacher in Primary at church. I could not picture myself continuing with that weekly task while trying to juggle an infant. I was so relieved to be released and not to have the pressure of teaching every week!

But not having a calling didn't last long. I was soon asked to be the RS activity organizer person. RS activity committee head? RS activity planner? I don't even remember what it's called... I was probably too sleep-deprived when they asked me and set me apart. But it's my new job at church, and I get to work with one of the wonderful members of the RS presidency to plan and carryout these quarterly activities.

For the first time in a long while, it was decided that the dinner would be hosted at the church instead of in someone's home. I pulled ideas from my old ward in Ogden, and I had ladies sign up to decorate tables for the evening (to cut down on how much my team and I would have to do!). It was awesome to see what the volunteers came up with. Pictured above is Laurel's table, which was voted "Most Festive." She's a wonderful neighbor I've enjoyed so much in my time here in Murray. And, as it turns out, her daughter attended my mom's seminary class in Maine, and then stayed in my grandpa's house in Connecticut during one of her med school rotations. SMALL WORLD.

For our evening, we had such a delicious dinner, served to us by the YW who volunteered to help (SUCH A GOOD IDEA). I had a few more YW/YM doing a nursery for any children who tagged along with their moms, and it was nice they could take Linc for me for a little while.

Linda, my guide through all this, really pulled everything together. She ran errands and purchased so many of our supplies and created the gifts for the ladies to take home at the end of the night. The RS theme this year has been to shine our lights, and Linda put the scripture reference on votive candles for everyone. Having only recently discovered the wonder of the Dollar Tree myself, I am still amazed she found glass votive holders at the dollar store two-for-a-dollar. Seriously, that is my new favorite place.

As a RS committee, we provided the main course for the night, but sisters in the ward signed up to bring salads, rolls and desserts. How cute are the reindeer cupcakes?! Aspen and I made a huge batch of cookies to bring, and I probably have to make more again this week because she claims she didn't get to eat nearly enough before I gave them all away.

I used my LLBean lighthouse advent calendar for my centerpiece, and was voted "Most Unique!" I loved representing my home state, and I was only allowed to bring it on the condition that no one opened the drawers and stole Aspen's treats. HA!

Linda asked a choir from Murray HS to perform for us, and it was so beautiful. Both the A Cappella and Madrigal choirs came, and I was so happy to listen to live Christmas music. They did a wonderful job, and I'm so thankful Linda thought to invite them. We were also treated to live flute music during dinner since one of our YW agreed to play for us. It was so fancy.

And since so many ladies helped with all the prep work and clean up, I really felt I didn't do much. I had been stressing for weeks about having to bring Linc, and having to take Aspen to and from dance during the activity, and making sure everyone had a good time... I honestly got to the point I wasn't looking forward to the evening. It didn't help that I was up most of the night with Linc, and then had to work the day of the activity so I was extremely worn out by kids kids kids. But everyone was so hands-on and Kev was able to get Aspen from dance, and Linc slept in my arms the second half of the activity, and it turned out wonderfully. So many people said they had a great time and that makes all the stress worth it.

But I'm glad I only have to do these activities every few months!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Letters to Lincoln, month 6

Little crazy baby man-

I'm just so thrilled with each passing day. I'm not trying to wish away your infancy or anything (at least not every day), but I am trying to get past the sleepless stage as quickly as possible. But in the meantime I'm holding you a lot and feeding you a lot and playing with you a lot and also ignoring your screams a lot. It is such a strange phenomenon that you won't take a binky or suck your fingers to calm yourself the heck down. Aspen was such an addict!

By this time with your sister, I started some sleep training. She was able to soothe to sleep with just a binky, so it worked pretty well for her. I remember the first night was very hard for me because I listened to her cry for over an hour. But the next night it was only a few minutes before she let herself fall back asleep.

You, however, break. my. heart. You have been trained to fall asleep while being held. You prefer being nursed to having a binky. You won't soothe at just the sound of my voice the way Aspen did. It's hard, but it's my own fault. In the early days I was so desperate to get you to sleep so I could focus on your sister that I did whatever made it easiest- and often that was nursing you to sleep. I just needed to be able to put you down without having you scream so I could handle juggling the two of you by myself at bedtime. And I still need to be able to do that so I can get Aspen to bed before 9 freakin pm. And since I've recently accepted the fact that you were colicky, we've been trying to recover from that lately.

So. Here we are. Daddy gently suggests I let you cry it out, but I can't stomach it. I am convinced you just neeeeeed meeeeee soooooo muuuuuch to feel better. Your cries attest to this. The one time I attempted to let you cry while you were strapped into a swing with soothing music and your blanket, you started gasping and I couldn't take it so I got you out after just ten minutes. And when Daddy tries to put you to bed, you scream forevvvvvvvverrrrrrrr.

When you go to college do you want me on the top bunk or the bottom??
Yup, "Cute Little Girl."
About a week after you turned 5 months, I gave you baby oatmeal for the first time. You had three servings... so I think you liked it. But it definitely didn't help you sleep any better. You were up two hours later, as per usual, and then we had a really rough night of me sleeping in your nursing chair with you in my lap. I just... I dunno. I was really hopeful the cereal would work like magic. I remember it did for Aspen the first time. That night of uninterrupted sleep recharged me so much! I'm looking forward to having one of those again.

As you've approached six months, you have yet to really roll over. You've kind of flopped around a bit when put on an uneven surface (like blankets), and you roll to your side when you're on your back and really want something. You like sitting up, though, and you spend of lot of time in your command center, still. You recently started jumping in it, and you love that.

You also stopped taking a bottle. There's no way for anyone but me to feed you and that is a little overwhelming. It's why I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. It's obviously my preferred method of feeding you, but I want it all! I want the convenience of someone else being able to bottle-feed you breast milk and the convenience of being able to feed you myself. Mostly, it'd be nice since I'm working more and can't feed you during my shift (whether you're with me or home with Daddy). It's hard to get the timing right so you're not in need of a meal while I'm working.

But as you continue eating more real food (oatmeal, squash, sweet potatoes, banana, pears, apples, carrots, cool whip *ahem*) I know nursing will be less of an issue. I am looking forward to weaning eventually because I've got a chronically upset left breast and I'm ready for that to be over.

You've developed a very keen interest in your sister, and you light up when she puts on a show for you. You love her peek-a-boo, you love her "Who Let the 'A' Out?" song, you love her laugh, you love baths with her, you love love love when she gets on top of you and squishes you... It's a great relationship right now. You make her feel like a million bucks.

She really loves to play with you, and share her toys with you. One of your favorite cuddly things is a pink poofy poodle she let you have. And you look fabulous in her crowns and headbands. You're so fancy!

I'm looking forward to another month full of milestones and growth and *hopefully* better sleep.

Love you,

See Aspen's monthly letter HERE.

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Sleep, sleep, a love-watch I'll keep

I've had a parenting epiphany.

Lincoln had colic.

There. I said it. I wrote it down on the Internet for all time and eternity.

I don't know why I have been so hesitant to label him a colicky baby. Maybe I didn't want it to seem like I was blaming him for things being so hard. Maybe I didn't want it to seem like I was giving up and just finding any excuse for feeling so overwhelmed those weeks when he cried so. very. much.

As I've been studying colic in the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, I've realized Linc was colicky. There's a section entitled "What Is Extreme Fussiness/Colic?" and right there, in black and white, it states, "In 80 percent of infants, the attacks start between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. and end by midnight" (Weissbluth 139). DR. WEISSBLUTH MUST HAVE BEEN SPYING ON ME.

For a few weeks in Linc's early infancy, he started crying ridiculously at 4:30-5pm every evening. He could only be soothed by being nursed every hour from then on, until about 10pm. It was miserable. And since Kev was usually gone, that meant I was desperately trying to soothe my colicky baby and tend to my toddler all by myself at the end of a looooong day, running on little sleep. Dinner? Have a poptart! Bedtime stories? Only if you can read my lips because the baby is screaming too loudly for us to hear the words I'm saying! Cuddles and tickles for Aspen in bed? Only if the feeling of your skin crawling in response to blood-curdling wails sounds like a good idea!

I felt so defeated. I so desperately wanted to be better at parenting an infant the second time around. I worked so hard to keep my attitude positive and my depression at bay. But those weeks, I dreaded the end of the day. Bedtime was so difficult. I cried along with Linc for so many of those hours. And Aspen, bless her heart... she would sit on the floor looking at books, or she would watch a lot of TV, and she would go to bed so much later than I wanted her to just because I was trying to survive.

But I feel a little better about those weeks now that I can confidently say I was dealing with colic. I wasn't just doing a terrible job parenting.

And as a result of Linc's colic, his sleep now is all sorts of insane. I'm working on a schedule with him, trying to nap him after no more than two hours of wakefulness at a time. It seems to be helpful, but we're dealing with what Weissbluth calls postcolic sleep. We need to recover from disturbed sleep patterns established during the colicky stage (and not just Linc's; mine too!). It doesn't help that he refuses a binky, and doesn't yet suck a finger or thumb to soothe himself. BUT BELIEVE ME I'VE TRIED. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I would happily deal with a week of intense binky weaning in toddler-hood if Linc would just take a binky now to sleep.

Yesterday's naps were all unbelievably successful, although all three were taken in the swing I'm borrowing from Daedree (I OWE DAEDREE ALL SORTS OF AWESOME). I just didn't have success putting him down in his crib to sleep, but I'll take swing naps over no naps! I often get really discouraged, but then I get a day like yesterday in which I accomplish millions of things and feel like I have all this extra time on my hands because my hands aren't full of baby for 12 hours.

So I will persevere! I will conquer! I will sleep again! And I will probably buy a copy of Healthy Sleep Habits... because I'm never going to get through the whole thing thoroughly enough in the three weeks I have it from the library. Especially since I'm also trying to study The Everything Parent's Guide to the Strong Willed Child (I'll let you guess who that book is for).

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Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a super-full house over the last week. Kev's sister, Tiffany, and her family of six stayed with us for a few days over Thanksgiving. We hosted 18 people for Turkey Day, and when Tiff's family left, my sister stayed for a couple of days before heading back to school.

I loved having all the cousins in our house to play. Tiff's older boys were so sweet with Linc, picking him up and entertaining him without being asked, and doing other little things like taking out the trash and recycling. I can totally get on board having a 13 or 10 year old boy. HURRY UP, LINC.

Zoie is 8, but that didn't stop her from playing nonstop with Aspen during her time here. When our other cousins arrived on Thanksgiving day, I thought Aspen's head might explode. She was in heaven with all the girls. At the end of the night she melted down when it was time for everyone to leave. Our house is probably feeling very lonely to her now that all our family is gone. I do feel badly for her, but I am looking forward to her sleeping more and recovering from all of the excitement.

Over the weekend Kev took Aspen back to SLC to meet up with his family again for the lights at Temple Square. I was stuck home with Linc since he was finally napping, but it's probably better I didn't go. Kev ended up taking Aspen on Trax, and they were out super-late so I would've been miserable trying to nap and nurse Linc on-the-go. But still, I hate missing everything because I'm locked in Linc's room trying to get him to sleep. I even missed Thanksgiving dinner in my own house.

But we have a lot to be thankful for right now. Kev had a number of interviews for jobs, two of which turned into offers the day before Thanksgiving. Both potential employers were really understanding when he said he needed time to consider his options. It's so nice he has options. He deserves it. He starts work today and I'm so relieved.

During all the time he was unemployed, he finished SO MANY things around the house. My brother gave us a metal railing about a year ago, and Kev was able to paint it and install it in the living room. He also installed a toilet and vanity in the downstairs laundry room, so we're basically like rich people now with our three bathrooms and full-time employment.

And we have the Christmas tree set up so we're looking forward to the month and all its festivities. It's going to be a great end to the year.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

More to learn

Kev has been diligently following leads and getting projects done around the house the last couple of weeks. There have been so many friends and family who have come forward with suggestions and referrals and we both appreciate it so much. Kev has taken calls and sent out his resume and has another interview lined up for next week.

Unfortunately, nothing yet is happening that's more concrete than just feeling things out. It's stressful, but I know a new career for Kev won't happen overnight. We have to be patient and work hard to get him *there.*

Meanwhile, one of my friends graciously gave me her weekly shift at the gym, and I'm able to cover a few others in addition. It's a small income, but it doesn't hurt! Well, it hurts a little to juggle having both Aspen and Linc with me in the daycare, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes I can convince Kev to keep at least one of the kids home with him. But with Linc refusing bottles, it's difficult no matter what happens because he can't eat during my shifts.

I've been thinking about how grateful I am the Bishop offered to help us with the flood repairs in our home. Had we dipped right into our savings and gone ahead with repairs ourselves, we'd be less financially prepared to get through this bout of unemployment. Additionally, last week I opened an anonymous letter with a generous gift in it, accompanied only by a note wishing us a Happy Holiday, and good luck in the job search.

On Saturday I went to Kid-to-Kid to sell a box of clothes; unfortunately the line was much too long for me to stand in with two kids in tow. So I quickly grabbed a pair of snow bibs for Aspen while she looked at books. When I went to retrieve her after paying, a woman stopped me (I was wearing Linc) and offered me a bundle of boy clothes the store wouldn't buy from her. It meant so much to me that she was so kind to a stranger. When I left the store with Aspen, Linc and my big box of clothes on my hip, another woman saw me in the parking lot and took the box for me. She carried it to my car and said she remembers how hard it is to literally juggle kids and stuff all by yourself. Such a small gesture, but very considerate.

And, of course, my older brother is always taking care of me, and gave Aspen money to give to me to use for Thanksgiving (we're hosting eleventy billion people at our house this year). I told him we would be fine since everyone is chipping in and bringing different dishes to the meal, but he never accepts my refusals (although one time I managed to leave his money at his house after he tried to give it to me :)). So I had a cushion when shopping for Thanksgiving foods and I really appreciated it.

Simply put, I am blown away. I feel so undeserving of this charity. It is so much, so often. How can we pay this forward? How can we adequately express gratitude? I've been more proactive in my efforts to seek out opportunities to serve others lately, but it still doesn't feel like enough.

I shared on Instagram that I want to start giving back with my own kids. And the things I want to give them include more patience, more time, more love and more peace. I've been trying to read the scriptures on my phone while I spend so much time nursing Linc, and I've felt a difference in my life. I've never been one of those people who understood how just reading the scriptures could make life feel easier (even amidst lots of stress). I mean, I've felt better while reading my scriptures, but never before noticed it throughout my day.

My hope is that my trials won't have to negatively affect them. I don't want to keep using fatigue as an excuse to lose my temper (although four hours of sleep a night is really wearing me down). I don't want Aspen to get in the habit of saying I'm not a nice mom because I yelled about something that day. I don't want Linc's first words to be "Damn it," (although that would be pretty funny).

My other hope is that Kev will have a job very soon. Very, very soon.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wedding Bells

My sister is getting married this winter, so I had the opportunity to take some photos for her wedding announcement. I can't believe she's old enough to get married. She's actually two years older than I was when I married Kev. And she's two years older than Jeshua when he got married, too.

Jose's a nice kid, though, and I'm happy for her. I'm also happy to be PINNING ALL THE THINGS in preparation for the reception. 

Aspen's having a really hard time with it, though. She's very upset her most-favorite Auntie is going to be married. She's convinced Sophia will actually stop being her Auntie when she gets married and that ticks her off. Of course, who would want their personal servant to get married and move on with their life??

It's funny, though, because when Sophia and Jose come over, it's not like Sophia ignores Aspen. She still gives her lots of attention and does special stuff with her. We've tried explaining to Aspen that she's not losing an Auntie but, rather, gaining a new Uncle. So far that hasn't done the trick. I'm hopeful she's be more excited when she gets to pick a new outfit for the wedding and see all our family in town for the festivities. Plus there will be cake so... that might sway her opinion of this union.

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Monday, November 17, 2014


I participated in a fun challenge on Instagram called #crafttherainbow. Brittany from The House that Lars Built hosted the challenge and eventually awarded one winner a whole lot of awesome rainbow stuff.

While I didn't win, I had fun coming up with rainbows during that month. Here are some of my favorites:

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Thursday, November 13, 2014


As I drive Aspen to and from preschool, I see yards being cut back for the season. Flowers have been deadheaded, bushes have been trimmed, leaves are being raked.

I'm always hesitant to do this pruning in my own yard. Each year I worry it'll be the last that a plant comes back from a trim. I prematurely mourn the loss of the flowers and foliage before I've even had a chance to winterize them.

But isn't it worth the risk? It's better to get rid of the dead plants and allow them to rest for a season. Even if they don't regrow in their full glory, I'm doing what I can to give them a chance to be their best in the spring.

Some things in life are difficult to do, but they're usually the things most worth doing. The payoff may not be instantaneous, but it will come.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Letters to Lincoln, month 5


You're five months old. YESSSSSSSSSSS.

I've had a rough month, but that's probably no surprise. Your sleeping is pretty erratic, and it seems like the pediatrician's suggestion that I put you down and let you go to sleep on your own made you super mad. Like, the day he said that (at your four-month well-visit) you started sleeping worse than ever. So... I take it you didn't like his advice. That's cool, I mean, I'll sleep when I'm dead.

It's easy to hope that a SEVENTEEN POUND BABY would sleep better than a teeny baby, but I have found it's not that simple. You just loooooove to eat. So much so that you scream until I give in and feed you during your midnight wakings. Also, you haven't taken a binky in a month so it's safe to say I'm your binky and if you're going to have something in your mouth to put you to sleep, it's going to be me. Not the most convenient, but what can a mama do?

In the last month you've started reaching for things constantly. Aspen was never such a grabby baby, so I'm anticipating we'll actually have to baby-proof the house when you're mobile. Everything in sight is fair game and you reach with your chubby little T-Rex arms until you can get whatever it is in your mouth. You also started spitting bubbles for fun and laughing extra-deep fat-kid chuckles this month. It's THE BEST. You're so fat. I'm going to say that as often as I can while you're still an infant and it won't hurt your feelings.

You really love to watch Aspen and Maddie all day and you light up when Aspen gives you attention (which is probably a little too much). You're still a very big Mama's boy and I guess that's alright. Sometimes Daddy can get you to sleep, but not without a struggle. It's exhausting for everyone, and we're to the point I almost never ask Daddy to put you to bed because it's such a scream-fest. Like, blood-curdling screams. It sounds like you're being kidnapped by the most terrible monster ever. And it's almost comical how you usually immediately stop screaming when Daddy passes you into my arms.

A couple of weeks ago, you accidentally rolled over twice, and Aspen rolled you over a third time. She thinks it's the best thing ever to manipulate you and squeeeeeeze you.

I hope you won't hate me, but I've started buying girls' clothes for you. When second-hand shopping, I find a much better selection of pants in the girls' section. But, unless I say something, no one will ever know! It's just that you seem to grow out of an outfit by the end of the day, and I can hardly keep up with you. You're already wearing mostly 9-month-sized clothes, and I doubt they'll last much longer before I have to bump you up to 12-month. So if I'm going to be acquiring clothes for you so frequently, I don't want to spend a lot of time looking at bland, ugly, boring boy clothes (GREY GREY GREY NAVY GREY GREY GRAY CONSTRUCTION VEHICLE). I promise I'll draw the line at too much pink.

It seems you're enjoying this stage of constant discovery, and we're trying our best to enjoy it, too. Keep on learning and growing, little (fat) one.


See Aspen's monthly letter HERE.

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